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27 november 2014 - Story

Wijs op Mobile Day 2014

Kennis en middelen delen is zo'n beetje ons ding. We houden van open source en bewijzen dit met Fork en Chopstick. Open source gaat voor ons verder dan software en code. Kennis, trends en inzichten zijn minstens even belangrijk. Daarom vind je ons dikwijls op een podium. Zo ook op Mobile Day op 20 november 2014. Dit is wat we daar vertelden.

(Pas op, 't is in 't Engels)

Preparing a huge complex website for the mobile era looks like a very tough mission. Bring in legacy applications and hundreds of thousands of active user accounts and it may seem near impossible. You can't just start from scratch. So where to begin? How do you get permission? And how to align with existing IT projects? Together with a team of specialists, Peter and Bram help VDAB to let it’s website and app evolve into a user-centric, mobile friendly platform. They talk about mobile strategy and design thinking. Expect best practices, pitfalls and interesting insights.

Let there be no doubt: mobile should be prominent in every digital strategy today. Actually you should even start all reasoning from "mobile first". But the concept "mobile" is not a technology, nor is it a specific device with it's specific screen size. Mobile stands for the fundamental change in the decision making process of consumers. Using this insight as the base of all your strategies will deliver results. We dig deeper into this strategic approach during this presentation.


We don't have to explain that mobile and the associated Mobile advertising opportunities are growing rapidly, you just know it is! Are you interested in the possibilities of mobile advertising? Do you want to know what this could mean for your business?

Bram Vanderhaeghe

Bram Vanderhaeghe

Head of User Experience

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