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Let us help you pinpoint your (future) CMS needs

When building a new website, you’ll have to choose a Content Management System at some point. Which system would be the best fit for your business, depends on your strategy and (future) requirements. Because the right CMS for someone else’s organization isn't necessarily the best one for yours.

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9 trends to prepare your business for a post-COVID-19 era

There's no getting around it: COVID-19 has accelerated some trends that have been slumbering for a while. Habits that were an exception to the rule, suddenly became default. They 'flipped' out of necessity. We believe that these new habits will stick once the pandemic will be under control.

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Let people rediscover what they love about your business: Remarketing

Why would you spend big money on attracting new visitors if you can retarget already interested ones? With remarketing, you can turn your website visitors into customers by reminding them of their initial interest and bringing them back to your website to complete their conversion.


Be the driver of change in your sector: Construction

The construction sector is ready to jump into a more digitized future. But a profound transformation across the sector is needed. We project three horizons of forecast, starting with the most direct, inevitable changes and ending with a long-term vision and new business models.


Trend Feed 2021

When we came to think of where the future is headed, we were surprised about how it often seems to be going into two completely different directions at the same time. Is it possible that two extremes can meet? And more importantly: is the truth a paradox?


Be the driver of change in your sector: Insurance

What does the future hold for insurance? Putting the customer at the heart of your business should be the leitmotiv in everything your company undertakes. Read how in our industry report.


Be the driver of change in your sector: Food & Beverages

Sustainability. Foodism. Conscious consumerism. Digitalization. These macro-trends have been impacting the Food and Beverages sector for a while now. Are they still valid in the face of the COVID-19 crisis? We wrote a report to help you navigate the change.


Reimagining BATIBOUW

From the looks of it, many events will still take place online in 2021. But that does not mean there isn't anything your company can do.We sat with our online marketing team and collected practical tips that you can use to increase your ROI from (digital) fairs. 

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