As it's still impossible to host physical events at the moment, we decided to translate our yearly Trend Event into a webinar series! What can you expect?


Webinar: How your business can recover and flourish in the future

Ben Hammersley (British technologist, host of "Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley" on Netflix & inventor of the word 'podcast') will tell you all about the most likely scenarios for a post-corona world and pinpoint how you, as a company, can flourish more than ever before.


Webinar: How Too Good To Go is shaping the future of Food & Beverage

During this webinar our head of Digital Strategy, Stefan Jenart, will talk with Kenny Defrijn, Marketing Manager at Too Good To Go, about disruptive thinking, inspiring customers to change their behavior, and how to turn a small idea into a successful business.


Webinar: Prepare your business for The Big Flip

During this webinar Bart De Waele, CEO of Duke & Grace,  will tell you how businesses will have to flip their habits too in order to meet the expectations and new behaviors of their customers.

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