We were Gents and Wijs, but now you can call us Duke & Grace.


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We are Duke and Grace.

We bring together the power of technology, creativity and strategy to build tailored communication solutions for our clients. From strategic consulting, development of digital platforms to creative campaigning and marketing. We are all-in-one and one for all.

Our approach


We are creators, strategists and technologists aiming to build meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. Unlike most full-service agencies, we don’t pass parts of work from one department to another.

Instead, we continuously cooperate in multidisciplinary teams and specialized studios. That’s the core of our integrated approach: creating an environment where people with versatile profiles work together. And elevate each other to the next levels of excellence.

Meet all Dukes and Graces


Best of both worlds

We’re not exactly new kids in town. In fact, we’ve been around for many years now, always seeking to innovate and lead the way. And when we say ‘we’, we mean Gents and Wijs. Because until 2019, we used to be two agencies.

Gents was known for stirring things up in the international advertising market with its creative and visionary campaigns for brands such as Alpro, bol.com and Ray-Ban. Wijs was a leading digital communication agency with top Belgian brands such as Belfius, Rock Werchter and Proximus as its clients. Together with those brands, Wijs worked on long-term strategies, UX and performance marketing implementations, and impactful tech solutions. And one day, our paths towards excellence crossed. Two worlds collided.

Seizing the perfect chemistry, we brought best of these worlds together. Creating a full-service communication agency of the future. Enter Duke & Grace.

It's time to stop scrolling and start making.

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