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The ones to watch


For the past couple of years, we have helped numerous brands and companies to design and implement their digital strategy. Goals? Preparing for the future, reconnecting with clients and finding smarter ways of doing business. A lot of these projects were placed in a roadmap with the symbolic title, ‘2020’. And here we are. On the threshold of a new decade, we are ready to celebrate success, but we’re also starting to set up new plans. With today’s world in constant evolution, new roadmaps are always necessary – now for 2025, 2030 and 2035. Considering the growing pace of new developments, we need to remain nimble enough to cope with a constant stream of tech innovations and changing consumer behavior.

That’s why we are publishing this Trend Report for the 14th time. In this year’s edition ‘Trendfeed: the ones to watch’ we want to give everyone a glimpse into all the new things that are on their way in the coming year, and beyond.

We opted out of desk research to avoid repeating what everyone else has been saying. Instead, we sat and talked to 6 experts in the areas of Experience, Data, Integration, Voice and Design, and asked them which trends, projects or people stand out to them and continue to inspire them. It resulted in a map of incredibly interesting references, cases and examples worth following.

As always, we hope to inspire you to become the marketeer of tomorrow: one who combines strategy, technology and creativity.

Happy exploring,
Team Duke & Grace

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