Designing user experience, isolating key message, building technical engine

Creating digital solutions

Innovation remains one of the main elements fueling our framework. So, on top of the strategic groundwork and to complement the storyline of your brand, our designers start ‘building’ solutions. Solutions that fit your customer journey, reach your business objectives and meet client needs. Solutions in the shape of digital platforms or products that become the technological backbone of your company or campaign.

Prototyping future products

Our team of 12 UX designers work towards customer-centered and mobile-first solutions. They sketch out prototypes for end customers to test and validate. Bringing usability, actions, style and copy together. Our copywriters write short and long copy for the prototype. Giving the story coherence and clarity.

Adding suitable technology

Once this prototype is fully worked out in HTML and CSS, our functional analyst determines which technology is most suitable for a specific project and client. Delivering custom integrations and CMS that fit specific needs of our clients.

At Duke & Grace, we have a multi-tech approach. We support multiple programming languages (PHP, C#, Javascript), multiple frameworks such as .NET and Angular, and multiple CMS like Harmony, Drupal, Sitecore and Kentico.

Tracking the results

After launching the system, our marketeers take over and use tracking tools and dashboards to monitor the results after deployment. Because the market is always changing and shifting, we need to keep an eye on conversion. Improve when and where needed.


A special approach: UX Studio

A specific challenge needs a specific solution.

Our dedicated UX Studio will find a tailored answer to your question.

We offer a quick yet impactful solution for your digital ecosystem by working together with your internal teams.

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