Understanding context, addressing audience, creating customer journeys

Collecting and consolidating data

In order to build a solid foundation for your project, we need to know exactly the ground we’re building it on. We aim to understand the effect of digital in your sector, its influence on your business model and current or potential audience behavior. Our strategists deep dive into your business and gather the most useful data about your industry, competition and customers.

Getting to know your audience

The collected data comes from different sources. One way interviews, which we carry out with stakeholders and potential clients. We also extract information from Google Analytics and Keyword Research or set up more elaborate market research and analyses. 

Besides gathering data, we set up customer journeys in order to establish and predict a customers’ behavior. This allows us to determine the impact of our project throughout the decision-making process, for different target audiences and through a variety of channels.

Putting strategy into action

From this in-depth research, we distill actionable insights that help create principles and a roadmap for a fixed period of time. We set up an applied digital strategy where we aim for maximum impact. Meeting the needs and wishes uncovered in the previous phase.

Innovation through design sprints

Together with our client, we set up a design sprint. A unique five-day process where we figure out which digital solutions will bring value to the company and its customers. We validate ideas and solve big challenges through prototyping and testing out ideas with customers. It allows us to stimulate innovations, broaden services and get to know our audiences.

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