Wijs and Gents transform into Duke & Grace — a new full-service agency, at the heart of creativity, strategy and technology

In August 2018, interactive boutique agency Gents and digital bureau Wijs, both based in Ghent, decided to join forces. Now the agencies take their next step towards integration and become Duke & Grace, a new full-service communication agency.

Duke & Grace is a balanced combination of the best that Wijs and Gents have to offer: expertise in creativity, strategy and technology.”

Bart De Waele

CEO at Duke & Grace

As a leading digital communication agency, Wijs specialised in helping brands and businesses create and implement long-term digital strategies and solutions. Their client portfolio includes names such as Belfius, Partena Ziekenfonds, Van Marcke or Rock Werchter. Gents, an interactive agency, brought to the table 10 years of experience in creating captivating experiences for the international advertising market. Among others for Alpro, Ray-Ban, Infrabel and Midas.

“With Duke & Grace, we’re responding to a world constantly in motion. It’s about chasing the future, staying on-trend while keeping in mind the cultural roots. It’s about activating audiences by evoking big emotions while keeping an eye on data and ensuring ROI. It’s as much about stories and people as it is about technology. ”

Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge

CGO at Duke & Grace

The idea behind Duke & Grace is not about choosing one or the other, but about bringing balance between both sides of the spectrum. The head and the heart together. With this positioning, Duke & Grace responds to a clear gap within the field. Communication services are becoming more scattered and fragmented, so clients who want to be catered for all their communication and marketing needs, oftentimes turn to multiple agencies. That’s why Duke & Grace wants to guarantee a full-service offer.

“In practice, it means that the clients don’t have to choose between an agency specialized in development, branding, marketing or consulting: Duke & Grace has all this expertise in-house and, even more so, can offer integrated services that cover all these fields within one project. And an integrated approach like ours is crucial to make a significant impact in tomorrow’s communication landscape.”

David Vansteenbrugge

Managing Director at Duke & Grace

Teaming up with a strong technological partner is essential for today’s businesses, whether you need an engaging website, a webshop or a mobile application. With the tech expertise of Wijs, and the high focus on digital integration of Gents, Duke & Grace provides tailored digital solutions, fit specifically for their clients’ businesses.

Tech solutions address consumers’ need for ‘easy access’ to goods and services. But sometimes, focusing on UX and system thinking also means forgetting about the overarching stories. Duke & Grace sets out to seamlessly combine both. Building love brands that audiences want to interact and engage with in the long run, using innovative technology. All this while keeping in mind continuous growth and exposure thanks to an advanced in-house marketing unit. And finally, the big picture: strategy. To provide relevant support, Duke & Grace’s strategic team offers tailored research and consultancy services that help brands think about and plan their roadmap for the years to come. Making the right choices and balancing out all aspects of their activities.

The integration of two agencies into Duke & Grace is clearly reflected in its structure. Duke & Grace is a team of over 110 experts working in multidisciplinary client teams with offices in Ghent and Brussels, as well as specialized studios: Build Studio, Creative Studio and Studio V — the agency’s innovation hub. The management team consists of Bart De Waele (CEO), Ilse Jansoone (CFO), Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge (CGO), Yves Muyssen (COO) Peter Grypdonck (CTO) and David Vansteenbrugge (Managing Director).

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