Neckermann books in with Duke & Grace

Belgian travel company Neckermann has knocked on the door of Ghent-based full-service agency Duke & Grace. Once the company is fully futureproof, it wants Duke & Grace as a partner to help market the story of its transformation.

During this process, the experts at Duke & Grace started from the end-user's point of view. The big question in this case? How to win over the hearts of Belgian holidaymakers.

“Now that Neckermann is entirely back in Belgian hands, we are ready to embark on an all-new, futureproof story. In doing so, we strongly believe that Duke & Grace has all the right qualities to help us launch and build our brand.”

Annick Maes

CEA Neckermann

The aim is to return the Belgian operator, with its impressive 40 years of experience, to its former glory, clearly positioning it within the competitive travel landscape. To achieve this, the first step is to examine whether the logo, baseline and overarching campaign line need an upgrade. Then we will design and develop a media plan with the online marketing team, aiming to create an overarching digital journey.

“It's quite an honour to be able to help devise the digital strategy for such an iconic brand in this most competitive of travel e-commerce markets.”

Geert Desager

CEO Duke & Grace