Duke & Grace ‘Fruit up your life’ with new brand campaign for Materne

Duke & Grace set up a long-term communication platform to make Materne ready for the future and help spread the joy of fruit. Starting the roll-out with a fruity TV campaign, bearing the tagline ‘Fruit up your life’.

Materne has been around for more than 130 years and as a local brand, it knows the tastes of Belgians better than anyone. Research has shown, however, that high top-of-mind awareness and long heritage also come with a relatively traditional and slightly outdated image. Duke & Grace decided to showcase the best Materne has to offer in a fresh and dynamic brand campaign. Showing how Belgians can ‘fruit up their lives’ with the fruity Materne products.

The clue of the campaign is love for fruit — something that Materne shares with people and that’s a main point of connection between the brand and its consumers. Materne is a fruit expert with an extremely long heritage and know-how: fruit lovers can trust Materne on delivering premium fruit snacks in all forms. Duke & Grace decided to focus on translating links between nature, fruit, Materne products and everyday lives of Belgians into a captivating TV ad signed off with the tagline “Fruit up your life”.

“The ‘Fruit up your life’ spot is built around visualizing the positive, energizing impact of fruit on your daily life. Not just the nutritional one, but first and foremost the emotional one. Prepared with care or eaten on the go, a fruit snack brightens up any moment of the day. And Materne makes these moments easy and accessible thanks to the variety of its products: from jams and fruit sauces to juices and mocktails. ”

Creative Director at Duke & Grace

Sander Vanermen

The 30” ad is using dynamic, experimental editing tactics that seamlessly lead the watchers through all moments of the day. Moments that are made more fun thanks to Materne products. Showing ingredients that become products and turn into fun moments.

Press release - Materne - OOH Beeld

The first wave is rolled out in November across Belgium on 5 major media channels: IP, Medialaan, SBS, Transfer and RMB. At the same time, outdoor posters will hit the streets across Belgium. Showing our TV-heroes fruit up their day, with Materne jam. And besides all of this, there will also be shorter 10” videos appearing on social media and as YouTube preroll ads.

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