Duke & Grace and La Lorraine throw a party in your lunchbox

To make the golden brioche rolls (commonly known in Belgium as butter “sandwiches”) from La Lorraine irresistible and the top-of-mind choice for Belgian consumers, full-service agency Duke & Grace launched a campaign that truly sparks joy. Introducing Belgian families to a new family of tasty buddies in love with everything “sandwich”-related: the Lowies.

The golden butter sandwiches” from La Lorraine are a premium product within its sector, loved by young and old. In order to further distinguish the brand in a fairly functional and traditional baked goods market, Duke & Grace created the Lowies. A family of lovable mascots that never stop having fun.

Through an extensive social campaign (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads) and coverage on online premium channels (e.g. VTM Go), the agency introduced the new tagline: “The golden butter sandwiches” from La Lorraine? That’s a party in your lunchbox!”. Highlighting the fun nature of the product while claiming its premium golden status. With the lunchbox as their playground, Duke & Grace refers to the special moments where “sandwiches” are enjoyed together (going to school, having fun outdoors, going on a camp, …).

“We wanted to create a concept that resonated among active families with young kids. Starting from the insight that “sandwiches” make each activity more fun, we claimed the small ‘yes!’ moment, when you open your lunchbox and discover… the “sandwiches”! This link between the product and small moments of joy became the basis of our proposed communication platform. ”

Pieter De Baets

Senior Creative at Duke & Grace

The introduction of the Lowies is built around the tiny moment you discover what’s in your lunch box; during outdoor activities, weekend hobbies, school breaks, family holidays and more. This happy moment was extended to the social channels of La Lorraine. Here, the Lowies represented the three main benefits of “sandwiches”, including their buttery taste, their blissfully soft texture and that they’re freshly baked and packed every single day. The Lowies portrayed the benefits in an engaging and enthusiastic way.

To capture the start of the school year, Duke & Grace also created a custom sticker pack available in Belgian supermarkets for kids to jazz up their lunch boxes. Adding some Lowies’ magic to their yummy lunches. The agency also launched an exclusive Instagram sticker pack featuring 9 Lowies GIFs with custom animations fit for everyday moments. Lastly, twenty mommy bloggers created unique social content with the Lowies Instagram sticker pack and their personalized influencer boxes, getting the lunch box party started on their own social channels.


Client: La Lorraine Bakery Group NV 
Marketing Manager Retail Fresh: Tine Vandaele
Product Manager: Nele Van Geet

Agency: Duke & Grace
CEO: Bart De Waele
Managing Director: David Vansteenbrugge
Creative Strategy Director: Sander Vanermen 
Design Director: Simon Pertz
Creative Strategists: Pieter De Baets, Janne Van Robays, Mathias Bourgonjon
Motion Designer: Freek Heyman
Interactive Designers: Nathalie Leye, Flor De Pauw, Jasper Verbeeck, David Sewell

Account Manager: Stefanie Drapier
Account Executive: Pauline De Rycke

Photographer: Foodphoto
Influence Marketing: Parlez
Media Agency: Mediadonuts

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