Duke & Grace redefines its branding hub

Full-service agency Duke & Grace makes a difference on every single level, for companies, brands and consumers. True to its calling as “a difference agency”, it is now expanding its brand expertise hub. Because the company – a business challenger with 90 hands-on consultants and experts based in Ghent – is a firm believer in the power of brands. With Brand Director Pieter De Baets at its helm, the new hub will cooperate closely with the business design, UX and campaign hubs to offer clients a holistic experience.

From left to right: Martijn Leenaers (Head of Design),
Pieter de Baets (Brand Director) - Hubertus Damme (Senior Designer)

Creative & strategic expansion

Duke & Grace is expanding its brand expertise hub, bringing together brand strategists, designers and storytellers to build future-focused brands. The studio will cooperate closely with the agency’s business design, UX and campaign hubs. Because truly innovative solutions demand conscious, continuous and close cooperation between different experts.

“Companies that truly make a difference these days are tearing down the traditional walls between marketing, IT and business to develop optimal customer experiences. Brands play an important role in this. Not as some fancy layer of veneer for the company, but as the soul of your organization and customer experience. Brands not only impact your users, they also affect your employees, your business and even society”

Linda Galle

Managing Director

Expanding its hub is a natural next step for Duke & Grace. The agency already embarked on several exciting brand journeys in recent years. It helped Alpro become an inspiring love brand, for example, put Infrabel on the map as a top-notch employer, and launched “Helan. Helemaal welzijn“ — the merger between two health insurance providers Partena Ziekenfonds and OZ — with a new brand to chart the new organization's course. As a co-creating partner, Duke & Grace developed Helan's brand strategy, storytelling, name, tagline, visual identity and new website. The agency is excited to continue down that same branding path.

Pieter De Baets, the brand hub’s new Director, explains Duke & Grace’s role:

“We craft a well-informed vision for our clients and support them with strategic advice, storytelling and creative implementation. These processes can be quite a change for the stakeholders involved. Our job is getting everyone engaged with that new story.”

Pieter De Baets

Brand Director

So what's changed?

By creating a separate brand hub, Duke & Grace can offer an even broader range of branding services that perfectly complement the agency’s other services. From brand audits, brand strategy, essence & purpose, brand story, naming & tagline and brand identity, to employer branding and communication toolkits. In other words: everything companies need to develop a strong relationship with their target audience.

Duke & Grace believes brands can take charge of change. They are the perfect way to get the ball rolling, externally as well as internally. Which is why Duke & Grace goes beyond brand books. Their in-house experts transform brands into compelling experiences: from new products, services, websites and content to creative and high-performing campaigns with measurable results.


“It's not what you say, it's what you do. Brands are not just a classic catchy proposition to encourage customers to make a purchase: they touch on a customer’s entire experience of a product, service or organization. To impact all those levels, we dig deeper and help our clients organize, innovate and reinvent themselves”

Hubertus Damme

Senior Designer

About Duke & Grace

Duke & Grace is a full-service agency focused on creativity, strategy and technology. Ninety future-focused experts work together in specialized hubs at the agency’s headquarters in Ghent. Their expertise and know-how seamlessly complement each other. The result? Integrated communication strategies that speak to the heart as well as the mind. Duke & Grace prepares brands and companies for the future through strategic advice, digital platform development, creative campaigns and marketing.


For more information, head to www.dukeandgrace.com.