Duke & Grace is looking for Wannes' little sister for SOS Children's Villages

Full-service agency Duke & Grace has been selected for the twentieth edition of De Standaard Solidarity Prize with an interactive ad for SOS Children's Villages. The agency had experienced a real baby boom recently and was therefore really moved by SOS Children's Villages' fight against the separation of siblings following evictions. Duke & Grace is really hoping to touch the right chord with the general public with its campaign 'Where is Wannes' ... little sister?'.

Each year, Belgian quality newspaper De Standaard invites non-profit organizations to unleash their creativity on readers. And in return, they can win free ad space on the back of the newspaper. Duke & Grace has been experiencing a baby boom in recent months, so the idea of giving its client SOS Children's Villages a boost emerged fairly quickly. "No one can imagine that siblings are still being separated. And yet, it is still happening today. It's nice that Duke & Grace took the initiative to come to us to reinforce this message", Michael Deleener, Communications & Advocacy Team Leader at SOS Children's Villages, says.

The interactive ad is an unsubtle wink to the popular children's book series 'Where's Wally?' by Martin Handford. Only now, you need to find Wannes' sister in the crowded print instead of Wally. "The nice thing about a multidisciplinary team is that we were able to develop this print for SOS Children's Villages completely in-house: from the concept to the copy and drawing with accompanying easter eggs", Kenny Vermeulen, Creative Director at Duke & Grace, adds.

Both the public and a professional panel can choose the final winner as of August 15, 2022. You will be able to cast your vote soon at https://www.standaard.be/2022/solidariteitsprijs.