BZIO health and rehabilitation center joins forces with Duke & Grace

Ostend-based BZIO has the ambition to be and remain the reference center for care, rehabilitation and health. To achieve this, it sought and found a suitable partner in Duke & Grace, a full-service agency in Ghent, to further develop its values and vision of quality.

The cooperation already started in recent months with the definition of a new brand positioning. An internal consolidated dossier, which served as the basis for this exercise, was supplemented with additional research by Duke & Grace experts, as well as interviews and workshops in consultation with the team within BZIO.

That positioning will be further translated into a new visual corporate identity in the coming weeks. A fresh logo, tone-of-voice and overall visual identity - with a nod to the Zeepreventorium - will soon show the direction in which BZIO wants to proceed. 

We really feel that Duke & Grace understands our vision and values to the core. The first visual exercise was right on target. We look forward to a close collaboration in which our warm values as organizations are further expressed within external and internal communication.

Nick Marlein

Managing Director BZIO & Zeepreventorium

Further actions within the collaboration are on the agenda in the coming months. They aim to comprehensively implement all visual elements to ensure that BZIO is able to exhibit the same ambition in all its internal and external touchpoints.  

After a fantastic start, the Duke & Grace team is looking forward to further translating the foundations of BZIO with a fresh wind of creative and visual ideas.

Pieter De Baets

Brand Strategy Director Duke & Grace