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Remote consultancy workshop: Getting your company through COVID-19

As last year came to an end, we all made grand plans for the symbolic year 2020 to come. A couple of months into the year, those plans have been heavily disrupted. Today, we are faced with a choice. We can either resign ourselves to adversity and passively watch things unravel before our eyes. Or we can decide to stand tall in the face of it and - thanks to our adaptability in times of crisis - turn it into a great year.

We already shared our vision on how to best deal with the current situation in a webinar. You can rewatch the stream here.

Our experts are there to help you

Our team of strategists is at your service to help you determine actionable insights for your business and to address specific challenges of your sector.

Bart De Waele Bart De Waele

Bart De Waele

CEO & Founder

David Vansteenbrugge David Vansteenbrugge

David Vansteenbrugge

Managing Director

Eliza Kowal-Bourgonjon Eliza Kowal-Bourgonjon

Eliza Kowal-Bourgonjon

Creative Strategist

Ewaut Van Gerrewey Ewaut Van Gerrewey

Ewaut Van Gerrewey

Digital Strategist

Stefan Jenart Stefan Jenart

Stefan Jenart

Digital Strategist

Stijn Verhaeghe Stijn Verhaeghe

Stijn Verhaeghe

Digital Strategist

Kevin Verborgh Kevin Verborgh

Kevin Verborgh

Client Service Manager

Taking steps together towards further business development

We cooperate in an online environment on a 1-day basis to update your initial 2020 plan and prepare a communication and marketing strategy for these exceptional circumstances.

  1. 9AM

    Introducing teams & discussing your 2020 plan

  2. 10AM

    Sector analysis and desk research

  3. 12PM

    Google Analytics, Adwords and web audit

  4. 2PM

    Discussing first insights

  5. 3PM

    Shaping an action plan with initial adjustments in media, channels and messaging

  6. 5:30PM

    Discussing the action plan

Do you still want 2020 to be a great year? Contact us!

Tailor-made advice for your company by industry experts.

Free of charge for any organization that is looking for the right answers.

Timing and practicalities to be determined upon approval by Duke & Grace.
Limited capacity.