Duke & Grace continues to focus on UX with new recruitments

For a while now, Duke & Grace has been seeing an increase in demand for UX guidance and trajectories when building websites and designing digital platforms. In order to keep up with this increasing demand, they are now significantly expanding their team with reinforcements on several fronts: Eva Mestdagh strengthens the team as UX Architect, Florian De Wulf as Front-end Developer to set up effective websites and Dries Steyaert as Client Service Director to guide clients with such questions.

PR - UX Team

Duke & Grace strongly believes in the importance of a good UX: "Your various digital platforms are only as good as the experience they provide to the user. If you have a beautiful website, but people are not finding the information they are looking for or are dropping out in the middle of the purchase process, then - unfortunately - that website isn’t worth that much", explains Bram Vanderhaeghe, Head of User Experience at Duke & Grace. “So, for us, it starts with properly understanding what the customer wants to achieve, and what information is available. Structuring that and testing whether the user finds his way is crucial. It's good to see that the market is also following suit.” Some UX clients where Duke & Grace is responsible for are, among other things, Goed, Belfius, Extremis, and Infino.

To keep up with that demand, Duke & Grace is now expanding its team significantly in several areas. Earlier this month, the company recruited Eva Mestdagh as UX Architect. Mestdagh joined Duke & Grace after she took the Experience Architect postgraduate course at Arteveldehogeschool, of which Duke & Grace is one of the partners. Her background as Art Director at Easyfairs ensures that she has a multidisciplinary view on customer questions, which fits perfectly into the positioning of Duke & Grace.

In addition, Dries Steyaert started working as Client Service Director at Duke & Grace a few months ago. Since 2011, Steyaert gained experience at several agencies with different focuses, such as performance marketing, e-commerce, employer branding, and so on. His last stop before Duke & Grace was at the UX agency Internet Architects, where he helped to shape the company's commercial identity and positioning. "This diverse experience ensures that I can work across the different studios within Duke & Grace, which is a full-service agency, and map out a nice trajectory for the customer, where we can really make the difference", says Steyaert.

Finally, Florian De Wulf also joined Duke & Grace as Front-end Developer, to help translate the UX and UI into an effectively functioning website.

Moreover, there are still several open vacancies to strengthen the UX and Build Studio at Duke & Grace. "To keep up with demand, we are still looking for a .NET Developer, a Drupal Site Builder, and a UX Designer - Researcher, on top of the recruitments we already made", says Linda Galle, Managing Director at Duke & Grace.

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