Duke & Grace and Artevelde University of Applied Sciences launch a new creative co-working space for students

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences has a brand-new campus. The Expertise Network Communication, Media and Design has recently started renting the ground floor at full-service communication agency Duke & Grace in Foresteelaan in Ghent. The intention for this place? Developing a creative co-working space for students that resembles a real working environment in order to prepare them for the field of action.

PR - Arteveldehogeschool

Last year, all trainings at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences were merged into five expertise networks, including the Communication, Media and Design network. The purpose of this new space is to allow students from different trainings within that network to work together more closely. Students of Communication Management, Journalism and Graphic and Digital Media often meet each other later on in the field of action. From now on, they also come together here, in a school environment that is as close to a real working environment as possible. This is not the first time Duke & Grace and Artevelde University of Applied Sciences work together.

Bart De Waele, CEO and co-founder of Duke & Grace, explains how the idea of ​​this new space came into being: "Together with Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, we have already set up several postgraduates (Digital Marketing Communication and Experience Architect), we are mentoring internships every year and, for as long as I can remember, I have been giving guest lessons in those trainings. The collaboration now is therefore no coincidence but a very logical step. At Duke & Grace, we are working very hard to push our sector forward - a field that is mainly digital, rapidly evolving and yet very young. In this regard, sharing knowledge and expertise is crucial. Then it is good to strengthen the ties with education."

Esther Van Tilburg, Director of the Expertise Network Communication, Media and Design, adds: “Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is planning on building a few new campuses, so we are also investigating what the campus of tomorrow should look like. So, consider this co-working space as an experiment: what happens when you are physically very close to the field of action as a student? The campus will become an experience, where students work together, visit each other and receive feedback - so much more enriching than just the classic teaching experience. That is why we really wanted to be close to the field and see what the results are."

"This also fits well in the concept of 'neighborhood on campus, campus in the neighborhood'. We aim to be more than just a school and really want to mean something for the community - not only by contributing to social projects, but also by bringing the environment inside. This new space is a good example of that", Van Tilburg concludes.

The space is mainly intended for students who are already further along in the program and in a postgraduate, in order to gradually become used to the field of action. But first-year students will also be able to reserve a spot in the new space from time to time. Employees from Artevelde University of Applied Sciences are also welcome to meet and collaborate.

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