Why you should rethink your e-commerce marketing strategy

The rise of retail media in Belgium

Google is losing market share, global accounts are leaving Meta and Twitter behind, linear TV watching declines. So where to go as a marketeer, and where to spend your advertising budget? Entering: retail media.

The growth of Belgian online retailers has been shifting the media landscape for a while. And now that even Amazon has entered Belgium, retail media has gained momentum. Time to discover how you, too, should become more successful in e-commerce. And beyond.

Discover our 3 guest speakers and their the topics below.


A crash course on retail media

Tom Van Hoof, Chief Growth Officer, Mediabrands

To know how to benefit from retail media you first have to understand what retail media consists of. Chief Growth Officer, Tom Van Hoof, takes you through the history and future of retail media. He explains where it fits in your customer journey, covers its complexity and shows the impact it has on your ownership of data.

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Ever thought about advertising on Delhaize?

Willem Winnock, Account Manager, Media Marketing Delhaize

Curious about the benefits of the Media Marketing Delhaize platforms for your campaigns? During his talk, Willem shows you the tools these platforms offer to spread your message throughout Delhaize’s omnichannel network, a network known for its high-quality offer and endless reach of people with buying intentions. As Willem states: “No extra clicks. No hassle.” Those and many more benefits of using MMD retail media solutions during this expert talk.

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How to leverage Amazon as a retail platform?

Najad Menouar, Amazon expert, Founder Sonemos Media.

During her talk Najad walks you through the many benefits international platform Amazon has to offer for your product. She explains why it fits within the  purchase funnel and how the granularity of data  is a huge asset when it comes to finding the perfect potential customer. Her presentation offers an answer to the looming challenge of third party data as well. What to do within a cookieless world and how to reach the right people at the right time with customised content.

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Thursday 16 February

Duke & Grace - Foreestelaan 1 - Gent



  • 16.00: Welcome
  • 16.15: Intro by Geert Desager, 
    Managing Director Duke & Grace
  • 16.30: 3 inspirational talks
  • As of 18.30: Mix & mingle

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