Chief Creative Officer

Creative by heart, manager by trade.

We are Duke&Grace. 

We bring together the power of technology, creativity and strategy to build tailored communication solutions for our clients. From strategic consulting, development of digital platforms to creative campaigning and marketing. We are all-in-one and one for all.

We are looking for a business director of our Creative Studio, to be part of the management team of Duke & Grace. Our Creative Studio consists of 20+ makers and storytellers that use creativity and design to bring ideas to life. They lead projects into uncharted creative territories without blinking. They extend visual language, always mindful of how it looks and how it works.

What you have today:

  • 10+ years’ experience in advertising/digital agency/creative studio (maybe some awards?). 
  • You are a Director: (from now on) you give direction first, creative second.
  • Vision: you know that the future brings together creativity & technology; you believe the integrated approach to designing and developing projects guarantees a higher client value.
  • Pitching: you knock a pitch out of the park. 
  • You are a talent magnet, a mentor and a coach: you love being surrounded by highly skilled colleagues and you know how to make them even better at where they already excel.  
  • Digital First mindset: knowledge of interaction design, technology and experience design.

What your future holds:

  • As a member of the close-knit management team, you have a strategic, generalistic approach and love to manage the Creative studio with an integrated market approach in mind.
  • You design the proactive studio plan, set team goals, monitor progress, manage budget and report about the impact of the creative studio. 
  • Manage the creative vision and general direction of client work.
  • Ensure the quality of work produced is in line with agency and client expectations.
  • You are the inspirator, coach and leader of the creative team and stimulate the group and the individual specialist to reach their goals and successes.
  • Ensure the continued growth of the team.
  • You help develop client relationships from a creative viewpoint and love to drive your team to win pitches and awards.
  • Identify the conceptual and strategic direction for various projects, and clearly presents those ideas to the team and the client.
  • Co-create the general identity and strategy of Duke and Grace.

For more information, get in touch via Talk soon! 

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