Good people. Driven colleagues. Growing talent. Our hearts beat faster at the mere thought. But how can you ensure that your organisation attracts the right people – and, crucially, keeps them on board? Time for some employer branding.

  • Find the right candidates faster
  • Get more recommendations
  • Get more internal engagement
  • Reduce attrition
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What is Employer Branding? 

An employer brand is your organisation's reputation among your current, future and even past employees. Your employer brand gives people a good reason to come and work for you, stay and recommend you to other people.

Is it just an HR thing, then? Absolutely not. Your employer brand is a foundation for successful collaboration between both colleagues and customers. After all, people choose people.

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So, how do you attract new talent whilst retaining your best employees? In this guide, we explain in great detail how you can stand out as an attractive employer.

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How to sharpen your employer brand?

Four steps to successful employer branding


Along with Duke & Grace, you will develop a deeper understanding of your prospective candidates' needs, chart candidate journeys and pinpoint the right actions for maximum impact. Duke & Grace looks for what sets your organisation apart. By working together, you will build a powerful Employee Value Proposition. Quick wins are achieved through tactical analyses such as keyword research and UX audits.


Duke & Grace turns the strategic proposition into a creative message that sticks. Striking visuals, a compelling video and a personality that resonates. A smart media plan ensures that the right people have relevant contact with your employer brand at the right time.


Duke & Grace uses well-considered initiatives to help launch your employer brand ecosystem with a bang, including internal and external activations, recruitment campaigns, leadership coaching and always-on communications. During this period, Duke & Grace will stay at the controls to help achieve maximum results.


Duke & Grace will analyse the impact of the various initiatives, formulate learnings and optimise for the coming period.

We have already created successful employer branding for the following clients:

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