There’s more in a Foodbag - and in this case - than you think!

Foodbag, the only true Belgian meal box, targets all convenience & inspiration seeking families and couples. In short, all food lovers with a predilection for local ingredients processed in recipes by homegrown chefs, often with an original twist. With classic dishes, easy meals, sometimes world cuisine or wonderfully veggie. Whatever your preference, with Foodbag you can dip to your heart’s content into four cooking styles and order meals tailored to your company (no subscription!).

Mise en place: everything in place for a major autumn campaign.

Inspire, facilitate and organize sustainably whenever possible: those are the key ingredients of Foodbag’s vision. In the fast-evolving meal box market, Foodbag aims to firmly anchor its brand by focusing on two key aspects: boosting name awareness on the one hand, and on the other hand focusing on the acquisition of new food lovers. Through what unique recipe? A large-scale autumn campaign that targets the Flemish market. A mouthwatering assignment for which D&G were more than happy to tie on their chef apron.

This is so much more than a 'good food in a kitchen' advertising spot. The warmth of Foodbag and its own people colors the campaign. It has been wonderful to be able to think about how we can bring Foodbag closer to Belgian households

Jenny Vincke

Client Service Manager at Duke & Grace


There’s Frank, your cheerful delivery driver!

With Foodbag you’re not just opting for a delicious, healthy, local and surprising meal. More than anything, you’re choosing the enthusiastic people behind the brand: a meal box by and for Belgians. Or more concretely, Lien the local greengrocer, Jef the brewer, Sandra the chef and Frank the cheerful delivery driver. He’s the good-natured guy who not only delivers your cooled box to your doorstep but also takes the time for a chat at the front door. In other words, you’re making a conscious choice for a genuine, personal experience. These tasty tidbits were easily grouped under a clear and common denominator: ‘There’s more in your Foodbag than you think’.


Start with delicious insights.

How did the campaign process go? Surprisingly smooth! First of all, extensive market research and strong insights fostered a transparent communication strategy. And in an early stage, even before the actual pitch, we presented Foodbag with several ideas in a concept we are familiar with: a tissue meeting, i.e. an informal, convivial meeting where we propose, evaluate and coordinate ideas with the customer. Eventually we implemented one of the two proposed concepts in its entirety – and pretty fast too, because transparent and well-thought-out decisions helped us go through the gears quickly in production.

Among others, we created:

  • a brand-new campaign video (with the saccharine voice of Joris Hessels), directed by Willem Volker, produced by Greenhouse and supplemented with photography by Annabel Sougné.
  • subsequently we launched the video on online TV, YouTube and social media in combination with short teaser videos (4 x 15 sec, focusing on multiple USPs).
  • in addition we developed striking out-of-home advertising (OOH) to generate additional awareness.
  • plus a major bannering campaign and appetizing print ads in De Standaard and Nieuwsblad newspapers to boost conversion.
  • and finally, dedicated landing pages on the Foodbag website.

What about dessert? Above-expectation results. 

The entire campaign yielded fascinating results. More even, they far exceeded expectations. The healthy and strategic mix of intelligently selected outdoor, online TV and social media generated ample reach with the right target groups. A versatile mix made possible by our own marketing, media and creative teams.

  • Impact on brand-related search behavior: +15%.
  • Total sales increase compared to 2020: +29%.
  • Website traffic compared to 2020: +34%.
  • 38,985,190 impressions across all channels.

Duke & Grace knew perfectly how to visualize the DNA of our business in a creative way, enabling us to tell a transparent story and raise our brand awareness.

Bram Elewaut

Head of Marketing & Communications Foodbag