The new Groen is more than green.

The challenge

As a brand, Groen is breaking away from traditional lines in the political landscape and preparing for the future. This shift in branding strategy was born out of a need for clear positioning and reform at the heart of the party. A unifying human narrative, a bold identity and a positive style.

Our answer

Branding strategy

We want to make it clear that the Groen brand today stands for more than just ecology and the climate. Its stance is more pragmatic, more relevant and less dogmatic. We are positioning the Groen brand within the context of physical and mental well-being in a socially, environmentally, technologically and economically sustainable world.


A brand-new chapter

Groen today stands for more than just green. Taking this literally, the rebranding represents a colourful departure from the party's history, reflecting today’s broader political landscape. With its bold, forward-thinking personality, the brand is ready to enter the political arena as a unifying, pragmatic and positive force.

A colourful visual identity

With an eye on digital communication, new channels and a variety of audiences, the brand is moving forward with a colourful, bold new look. A striking logo and symbol, recognisable design language and vibrant colour palette create a positive, can-do feel.

The branding platform on a human scale

Groen stands for feeling good about yourself, being able to do good for the planet while also being good to each other in the process. These three key pillars are underpinned by the brand-new tagline: Groen. Dat voelt goed. 

Moving forward with a new website.

Duke & Grace developed the user experience for the new website, creating a colourful, human and intuitive experience and focusing on mobile first.

As well as a comprehensive branding guide, Duke & Grace developed formats and templates as well as handles for easy recognition in digital communication, all to maximise interaction between the party and its target demographic.


New party. Play!

When it came to launching the rebrand, Duke & Grace created a brand video with their production partner Red Dust, in which the vision is clearly set out through different points of view.

The collaboration

Duke & Grace provided its strategic, creative and technological expertise to help translate Groen's research into a powerful new brand. Through close collaboration, Duke & Grace provided guidance in the form of workshops, tissue meetings and presentations to make informed decisions on the new brand's creation, campaign and communication strategy as well as the digital user experience.

Duke & Grace handled the development of the brand platform, tagline, visuals, video and campaigns. Throughout production, open lines of communication were maintained with Groen's communications team for hands-on cocreation.