Webshop designed to inspire


Terre Bleue is a Belgian casual chic fashion brand with international ambitions. They asked us to build a complex e-store with numerous integrations, but most of all, to create platform that is truly inspirational. How can we convey that recognizable ‘Terre Bleue sparkle’ in every detail?



The designers of Studio Terre Bleue work on each collection for 12 months to make sure that every piece has an excellent fit, style and combinability. Which cardigan goes with that dress? How do you wear something in a casual way and how can you go for the chic look?  All these inspirational aspects had to be clearly highlighted in the new site.

We created a sparkling web store that gets every detail right and radiates the brand’s philosophy. The complex web platform merges flawlessly with all the external partners, and the Harmony CMS leaves the Terre Bleue and our marketing team in complete control.


Go with the flow

We started with a technical and functional analysis, including many external parties, responsible among others for shipping, payments and live chat. We tested and documented all the flows in order to create a solid foundation to build on. We also went on an expedition to Bleckmann – the partner who manages all of Terre Bleue’s logistics – to make sure we really understood the fulfilment and we could implement this correctly into development.


The road(map) to success

A set of inspiration workshops gave us a lot of ideas on how to align the platform even more with the brand’s values. We defined the first challenges for our UX team. How do we visualise the outfit combinations? How do we tell the Terre Bleue design studio’s story? How do we strike a balance between endless inspiration and a smooth transaction?

Based on gathered input, we designed the website’s concept and prototype. Making sure the corporate identity is digitally implemented down to the smallest detail.


All Terre Bleue everything

Whether it was in a product presentation on the web store or on a page about Studio Terre Bleue, website user-friendliness and manageability were always our priorities. Our designers developed 47 different design elements to format a page: from simple content blocks with text and images to very specific elements for highlighting a fabric detail, for example.

With powerful e-commerce platform Harmony driving the website, we even incorporated Terre Bleue's typical sparkle into purely functional emails sent to confirm orders, reset passwords and so on. 

Ensuring growth and performance

The new platform is only the beginning. We are now focusing on its growth with a clear online marketing strategy. We have developed a solid marketing automation project and we are handling all aspects of the email marketing. We are continuously monitoring the results with a real-time KPI dashboard, and we have a traffic and CRO team at the ready to make continuous adjustments.