Spreading the joy of fruit across Belgium

Materne is a Belgian heritage brand specialized in all things fruity: juices, jams and sauces. To add new, fresh dimensions to its steady and traditional image, we created a ‘Fruit up your life’ communication platform that also updates the look, feel and tone-of-voice of Materne. Key message? With Materne, you can add the joy of fruit to any moment of the day. We then turned this mood into a range of deliverables, including a yummy TV spot and tasty outdoor posters. Enjoy!

Dynamic editing

In the 30” ad, we’re using dynamic editing tactics that show the links between fresh ingredients, delicious products and fun times. The original ‘whistle along’ tune composed by Audiotheque leads us through different moments of the day ‘fruited up’ with Materne. 

Outdoors, we're increasing the appetite for Materne jam. the unquestionable hero of Belgian tables.


Communication platform

‘Fruit up your life’ campaign is the first step in bringing the long-term communication platform to life. The platform focuses on introducing the joy of fruit to your life anytime, anywhere. Putting people, moments of togetherness and fruity ingredients in the spotlight.


A new visual brand system

We built a visual style around the concept of ‘Modern heritage’ that introduces hints of tradition into relatable, contemporary contexts.


Color Palette

In the color palette, we combined base colors found in nature (soft greens and very dark browns) with vivid tints derived from Materne’s ingredients.


Supporting colors are mostly present in the illustrations used to ‘fruit up’ the visuals.


The new typography gives the perfect balance between modern and authentic, especially when combined with natural photography and illustrative elements.


Brand system across touchpoints