Building a social universe for Belgium's favourite supermarket

We help translate Lidl’s playful attitude into fun and relevant content across all social platforms. Whether we’re spicing things up with Single Sutra, giving our fans the ultimate summer staycation or creating ownable social formats - we make sure everything’s a perfect fit with the overarching brand.

Single Sutra: a steaming social campaign for singles

Every 11th of November, the world celebrates Singles Day - a day specifically for single people. In light of this happy day, Lidl surprised singles with huge discounts on the webshop. For its social announcements, we worked around self-love - be it liking who you are or knowing what you like. And we mean this quite… literally.

We hijacked the Kama Sutra - and created a social-only guide to loving yourself and trying out something new. We named it the Single Sutra. We reimagined social positions, transformed them into single positions and built them around 6 Lidl products - from the classic single position De Doorsnee Douchekop - to more advanced stuff for self-loving experts like De Geile Groentestomer or De Wulpse Wijnkoelkast.


Specific formats and topicality

Before we actually started thinking of funny social content, we took a step back and created social formats. Ownable small concepts that we could quickly put into motion to create off the cuff funny top topicals. We sketched it up. We wrote imaginary copy. And most importantly: we tested its creative flexibility. If it didn’t work, we let it go.

For this campaign we tapped into relevant (cultural) moments for all people and related them to corresponding Lidl products. From hinting to popular shows and eco movements to relating it to the news. Needless to say that the first half of 2020 inspired us to write a whole lot of content about Corona.


Have a happy Staycation

Given safety measures and restrictions, a lot of people decided to stay home. To make sure they wouldn’t miss out on typical vacation stuff, we created Lidl Staycation - to make up for lost holiday time. We tickled their language senses with word riddles and image searches. We taught them Spanish, French and even Chinese in a playful way.

We gave them Lidl alternatives to things they had to miss out on this summer. We made ready-made digital staycation cards - with puns related to typical vacation destinations - to send to your friends. A few lucky fans even got to win their own staycation souvenirs.

Staycation filter

We gave some digital alternatives to summer activities and created staycation filters, unique AR effects uploaded in Instagram’s Effect Gallery. We let our fans jump off bridges somewhere far away. We let them play into a Mexican Mariachi band. And we let them live out our truest fantasy: disappearing into a big bowl of spaghetti. Happy staycation!

Lastly, we took TikTok by storm, collaborating with Jietse Pauwaert and challenging him to channel his inner “Flemish person on a holiday” with Lidl products.

By establishing a consistent topical social content strategy for Lidl, we reinforced the connection between their brand and their audience. That online presence and added value became a logical extension of how Lidl shows care in their physical shops. Thanks to contextual, humorous and engaging social content, we contributed to cover and enhance the whole spectrum of Lidl’s brand experience.