From analogue icon to digital hero

In order to show Ray-Ban’s innovative potential and meet the changing needs of consumers, we created two unique digital experiences for the iconic sunglasses brand. Discover how we made textures hearable and enhanced selfies by going double exposure. Classic Ray-Ban, but served with a twist.

Ray-Ban x Rewind


Ray-Ban launched a new collection fabricated from 8 iconic materials. How can we share texture and touch in a digitally savvy way?


We created the Rewind x Ray-Ban app. A concept inspired by nostalgic mixtapes and the charm of sharing for the digital generation. We created 8 mixtape designs that feel like the authentic material of one of the new Ray-Ban glasses. You scan the paper mixtapes with the Rewind x Ray-Ban app and unlock the exclusive playlists.


Each playlist represents the material's unique from "rough as denim" to "smooth as velvet". Music on the tapes featured bands such as Chromatics and the Dum Dum Girls. No mixtape, no music!



More than 200,000 mixtapes were scanned, listened to and shared by tens of thousands of people. Over 30,000 people downloaded the app.

Ray-Ban x Reflections


What happens when we let Ray-Ban intertwine with the world of filters, blend modes, selfies and panorama shots? Let’s innovate!


We created the one-of-a kind Ray-Ban #Reflections app lets you shoot, edit and share unique double exposure pictures using your front and back camera. Drawing on the popularity of fans taking photos with reflections in their Ray-Ban sunglasses, we created the #Reflections app so every selfie now tells a story.


Ray-Ban lifestyle

The app is perfectly in sync with the lifestyle of Ray-Ban fans: giving them the possibility to create their own stunning artwork on the device they know best: their smartphone. Better still, they don't have to be a Photoshop wizards to use it. Anybody can create one-of-a kind masterpieces with a single touch and swipe. Unlike most high-end photo apps, #Reflections offers a user-friendly experience without compromising on quality.


The #Reflections web

We created a crowdsourced visual community where fans can share their #Reflections and browse the many pictures created with the app. A section of Ray-Ban’s global website is namely updated daily with user-generated #Reflections and users can create their own #Reflections account filled with their own artistic pictures.

By using thematic hashtags such as #blackandwhite or #neverhide, fans have the chance to get featured on the website and in the app. Users can browse through the different hashtags or accounts to view the most stunning #Reflections curated by Ray-Ban.


Flagship store

The #Reflections concept was made tangible with in-store material for the flagship store in London. A "how to" movie, together with unique double-exposure artworks were shown on screens in store and captures on film by Sartoria Comunicazione (as shown below).