What do you expect from your health insurance fund?


The Partena health insurance fund has always positioned itself as a challenger and innovator in the static health insurance market. At one point, however, it became clear that its brand awareness needed to go up. And that’s not surprising. The general awareness around health insurance funds is limited: we only change when we are really dissatisfied or when we get a strong recommendation from someone else. How to reverse this trend and draw public’s attention to Partena as an outstanding health insurance fund?

Hanne (21) expects to live independently wth autisme.



Instead of  assuming that we have a ready answer for everyone, we decided to listen to people’s individual needs. Working with an insight that since we all expect something different from life, we all must expect something different from our health insurance fund. We launched a campaign built around an open question: what do you expect from us?

Answers and stories started flowing in. Pilar is a young mother who had preventive double mastectomy because of a heightened genetic risk for breast cancer. Thomas is fighting lymphoma and still expects a lot from life. Hanne wants to earn a living, even with autism. And then there is Magali, Hubert, Amina, Ghislaine, Jeroen, Liesbeth, Sven … 

The whole country paid attention thanks to a sophisticated media and storytelling strategy.


Delivering the message

  1. The central question "What do you expect from us?" was promoted in a radio campaign. It was pretesting, but in real life: market research as a campaign.
  2. The question resulted in the most intimate stories about what people really want from the Partena health insurance fund. The stories were shared through Partena’s online platform.
  3. Each individual story was creatively captured both generally (photo, copy, video) and in more detail (in-depth video reporting). All channels – the platform, social media campaign, Google ads, native content, radio and television, blog – present a consistent message: we all expect something different from life, so we all expect something different from our health insurance fund.
  4. Each story was first carefully mapped out based on his or her specific customer journeys with the health insurance fund. This enabled us to define and reach the most relevant online target group for each story.
  5. To make sure enough people were listening, all the stories were grouped into a very high-profile commercial that was successfully broadcast to the country during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  6. Each story was then cut into small content snippets (photo, copy, video) to consistently present the same message with the right tone of voice for each online channel.
  7. An ecosystem with real-time dashboards and custom reports was used to generate conversion and emotional commitment, and top-funnel measurements were performed (brand name searches, Diva, baseline measurements), always bearing in mind the Facebook algorithm.

Amina (27) expects the best for her baby.


Results in figures in 3 months:

But even more importantly…


was finally able to tell her story about autism to the world.


was able to make a new start at school and in life.


could give new meaning to her life and found a platform for support in her new followers.

Ghislaine (71) expects quality for her age.


And so, the Partena health insurance fund – by truly listening to its customers – became so much more than a health insurance fund, a sympathetic ear and a partner for life through the good times and the bad.