Navigate the Brussels urban jungle in complete safety with TIER

The client

Micromobility player Tier

International micromobility player TIER is set to enter the Brussels market, rolling out electric scooters in an initial phase. Communications relating to this are centred on the international tagline ‘Behave Like an Animal’, which implies that we should look to the animal kingdom for ways to weave through traffic safely.

The challenge

In this competitive e-scooter market, TIER needs to claim a market space with safety as is its main USP.

The answer

Together with TIER, Duke & Grace has developed an awareness and acquisition campaign for the Brussels market, adopting the tagline ‘Behave Like an Animal’.


The concept

Where better to look for warning signs of danger ahead than the animal kingdom? In their natural habitat, animals often use sounds to alert others to predators or other dangers. As such, we are bringing the animal kingdom to Brussels’ urban jungle, in a bid to warn electric scooter and other road users of dangerous traffic situations. 

In doing so, we opted to use three different media.


Mobile custom DOOHs

We developed four scenarios and corresponding DOOHs, each displayed on 'noisy' moving cars around Brussels’ city centre. The cars were strategically placed at intersections and crossings with known potential risks. Think cobbled streets, busy level crossings or tram tracks. We made sure numerous people saw our TIER safety message on the day in question. Encouraging them to focus like an eagle, be agile like a monkey ...


The creative mobile DOOHs were joined by more strategic general DOOHs throughout the city. Again, each message was adapted to its particular surroundings. Here, too, the animal kingdom provided the safety messages, each concluding with an activating CTA directing people to the app.

Social media

The message was also sent out on numerous social media channels. This again involved finding messages that were relevant to that particular medium. These included warnings about travelling in the evenings and at weekends, along with advice for road users to drive more slowly, more safely and with greater visibility.

The result

Although this was a creative campaign, it became anything but "creativity for creativity's sake". We playfully exposed important areas for improvement in Brussels traffic. We raised awareness about driving behavior in crowded places, being attentive to other road users, the blind spot .....

By doing so, safety - TIER's main USP - not only is an absolute top priority for them, but for all its stakeholders:  the e-scooter users, the authorities, other road users and of course the mobility sector itself.