Repositioning that brings out the human side of car maintenance


How can we enhance the relevance and distinctiveness of Midas within the car repair sector, building an attractive brand that drivers will choose today and tomorrow?



We repositioned the Midas brand, adding an emotional layer to it and setting it apart from rationally oriented competition. How? By broadening the focus from pure technicalities to the human and relatable side of car maintenance.


It’s not just about cars, but mostly about people who use them. Their lifestyles, work and passions.


New look

We transform the baseline ‘Worry-free maintenance’, which still implies worrying, into ‘Maintenance with care’ that highlights the human aspect of car maintenance and aligns with the brand mission: ‘taking care of every driver’.

New sound

Together with a change of baseline, we gave the popular Midas jingle an update to a more contemporary and authentic version, while keeping the catchy and recognisable melody. Something worth whistling along.


New feel

We took another look at the brand palette and reshuffled proportions: the domineering black got replaced by soft and optimistic tones like yellow and white. On top of this, we added real-life photography and a recurring yellow ‘swoosh’ to create a dynamic and consistent visual universe. It evokes a warm, personal and inviting feeling.


As seen on TV

The new positioning and visual style were also translated to the small screen stories. In 4 short TV spots, we follow different people from a Midas garage to important moments in their lives. Whether it’s a first date, a big wedding, a warm summer holiday or an exciting road trip, the key message of each commercial is:

‘Midas takes care of you and your car, so that you can focus on what matters to you’.


As followed on social

‘The human side of car maintenance’ is about drivers and how they use their cars. It’s also about mechanics who do their best to make the garage visits as smooth as possible. To highlight these aspects, we created a series of online micro documentaries that allowed us to explain services of Midas through storytelling that brings the world of car repair a little bit closer to the audience.


“Car maintenance with…” shows authentic, relatable stories behind people and cars: from bold travellers, mom of two, a small business owner to Midas own car mechanics.