Launching the first-ever Pinterest scavenger hunt for Samsung Benelux

Samsung develops pioneering technology, with The Frame as one of their most elegant showpieces. It’s a design TV with high-resolution picture quality of QLED that demonstrates that the time when televisions had a purely functional purpose is long gone. Samsung Benelux wanted to raise awareness and boost its sales just in time for Black Friday. Together with lead social agency Blauw Gras, we shaped the awareness campaign for The Frame. To do so, we focused on its main differentiating benefit: the Art Mode. Because The Frame is more than just a TV: when it’s off, it’s a blank canvas that displays a gallery of artwork. That’s why we challenged people to actually distinguish The Frame from other framed works of art through the first-ever Pinterest scavenger hunt.

Wall of Frame

With The Frame, a TV transforms from something functional into something that blends in with your interior. It plays along with one of the hottest interior design trends, that is the gallery wall. Surrounding it with other framed works of art, makes it almost invisible to the naked eye.


The best part? When turned off, you can personalize the canvas by choosing a work of art to your liking from a library consisting of over 1,200 works of art or by uploading your own pictures. The Art Mode allows you to change your space whenever the mood strikes. Because not only the tailor, but also ‘the interior’ makes the man. Your interior says something about who you are. Just think about the colors you choose, the accessories you involve, the works of art you hang up - it all gives people a peek into your personality. Combine the fact that it’s hard to distinguish The Frame from other framed art with this insight, and you get the 'Wall of Frame', a gallery wall built around The Frame.


The Artists

Central to this campaign were photographer Marie Wynants and painter Carl ‘Cash’ Knight who gave us a peek into their homes - and personalities - by showing us their Wall of Frame. They showed how The Frame seamlessly blends into their interiors.

During the campaign period, the videos were watched 1,423,543 times.


Hide-and-seek on Pinterest

Next, the scavenger hunt on Pinterest took off - a first on the platform. We hid two ‘Walls of Frames’ on Pinterest, i.e. pictures of two beautiful gallery walls where one of the framed pieces was in fact The Frame.

Hidden on a platform filled with other gallery walls, participants had to decipher the correct keywords through clues on social media to even have a shot at finding it. The right keywords were the names of two artists, Gustav Klimt and Nacho Alegre, and two of their works of art, Fulfilment and Blue Patio - all of which can be retrieved in The Frame’s art store. Those who were able to find the right Pin, subsequently made a chance to win The Frame.


Pinterest as a playground

It goes without saying that Pinterest was the perfect choice. The platform is dedicated to inspiration. It’s bursting with creative ideas, including many gallery walls. With this campaign, we wanted to show how hard it is to distinguish The Frame from other framed works of art. We used its USP, the Art Mode, as the biggest source of inspiration.

“Samsung Benelux took an innovative approach on Pinterest that tapped into the way people use the platform. Most people use Pinterest to start new projects and decide on their next purchase. Pinterest allows brands such as Samsung to reach decision makers through compelling ads that encourage them to take action.”

Bastien de Montaigne

Partner Manager at Pinterest

A tremendous success

The campaign ran during the month of November, ending with Black Friday.

“The importance of Black Friday is reflected in our sales for several years now. The fact that we can come out with a creative campaign to promote The Frame this year, fits seamlessly into our strategy. We are particularly pleased with the collaboration with Blauw Gras, Duke & Grace and Pinterest.”

Johan Van Campenhout

Product Manager Lifestyle TV at Samsung Benelux

Are you excited to see how Pinterest users engaged in this first-ever scavenger hunt?

We’ve reached more than 200,000 Pinterest users, with 465 ultimately finding the Wall of Frame and 2 actually winning The Frame. All keywords were trending within the first day. The campaign had an engagement rate of 1,3%, which is the double of the Pinterest benchmark of 0,5%!

The best part? With this campaign, Samsung Benelux saw an overall increase in sales on Black Friday, which was the original question we got from them after all.