Good times with La Lorraine’s golden heroes


How can we make La Lorraine’s golden brioche rolls (commonly known in Belgium as butter “sandwiches”) irresistible and a top-of-mind choice for all Belgian families?

First challenge: to make them stand out in a rather functional and traditional market of baked goods. 

Challenging this status quo in the bread aisle, we launched a campaign that truly sparked joy. We created the Lowies, a bunch of loveable characters passionate about everything “sandwich”-related. Bringing a smile to the faces of young and old consumers.  

Meet the Lowies

Our research showed that the descriptive product name (“Golden butter sandwiches from La Lorraine”) makes it difficult to build emotional connection with the audience. 

By creating the Lowies, we added personality and character to the product, giving  small and big yet another reason to love their “sandwiches”.

The Lowies are an over-enthusiastic family of buns with two things on their mind: making a perfect “sandwich” and having as much fun as possible.


In short animated stories featuring the Lowies, we highlighted three main product benefits: buttery taste, blissfully soft texture and the fact that they’re freshly baked and packed every day. 

Throwing a party in your lunchbox

We introduced the product and the family of Lowies in a campaign signed off with the tagline “The golden butter sandwiches” of La Lorraine? That’s a party in your lunchbox!”. It positions La Lorraine’s “sandwiches” as an essential ingredient of good times. These key moments of outdoor activities, weekend hobbies, school, family holidays and more, best resonate with our main target audience of active families with children. “Party in your lunchbox” is a translation of that little ‘yes’ feeling you get as you open up your  lunchbox - and it’s time to enjoy your “sandwiches”! 

Follow the Lowies

The Lowies entered people’s hearts, lives and feeds thanks to a multi-faceted on- and offline campaign. 

Lowies take over Instagram

Apart from a tailored social media marketing strategy, we prepared an exclusive Instagram sticker pack featuring 9 Lowies GIFs with custom animations fit for everyday moments. 

We also reached out to mommy influencers, who created content with the Lowies Instagram sticker pack and the unboxing of personalized gift parcels. Getting the lunch box party started on their own social channels.

Lowies take over the bread aisle

Last but not least, we made sure the product received the visibility within supermarkets. We designed a sticker pack for kids to sit alongside the dedicated La Lorraine display stand within shops. They could use this original Lowies sticker pack to customize their bread boxes for the start of school. And to add even more happiness to the picture, we supported the POS activities with a 7+3 promotional pack.

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