Infrabel, hiding in train sight

Infrabel is the railway infrastructure manager of Belgium that maintains, modernises, expands and manages the Belgian rail network. Its main mission is to help achieve sustainable mobility for all. Its 10,000 passionate staff do this by enthusiastically working together to provide a safe, modern, quality rail network every day.


A clear story in plain language

Besides its work as a rail infrastructure manager, Infrabel also actively supports countless initiatives, projects and ambitions that go far beyond the railways. For instance, it builds safe wildlife overpasses for badgers, foxes and small rodents. The organisation also creates innovative systems and technologies to increase the safety of all rail users. Infrabel has even set up internal working groups on inclusion and diversity to put an end to discrimination.

What was Infrabel specifically looking for?

The above initiatives and projects definitely deserve some extra attention. That is why Infrabel asked Duke & Grace to devise a distinctive image campaign. In addition, Infrabel wanted an accompanying employer branding section to attract more job applicants. Such a multi-faceted communication campaign called for an integrated approach.


It was our pleasure to get on board!

We got off to a great start by immediately getting on a train to Brussels to attend a workshop at the Infrabel headquarters. This allowed us to get to know and understand the organisation and its many projects a lot better. This intensive co-creation exercise resulted in no less than five clear themes. We brought together these clearly defined topics in one bright tagline: ‘Infrabel, hiding in train sight’. The main idea behind this is that many people come into contact with Infrabel all the time without realising it.

“A great, engaging and educational project. We had a wonderful opportunity to dive right into Infrabel’s inner workings. This resulted in no less than five great themes, each offering special added value to society. It was a pleasure to work on this.”

Kenny Vermeulen

Creative Director at Duke & Grace

Five colourful themes highlighted

We showed how sustainable, innovative, responsible, inclusive and diverse Infrabel really is in a playful and educational way. Infrabel makes every effort to further develop those five spearheads on a daily basis, often unbeknownst to the general public:

  1. Your breath of fresh air may have Infrabel hiding in train sight: 
    initiatives on sustainability and the fight against climate change.
  2. Your 10,000 steps may have Infrabel hiding in train sight: 
    the protection of plant and animal life along the tracks. Measures to reduce the company's impact on the environment.
  3. Your pride may have Infrabel hiding in train sight: 
    all projects on diversity and inclusion, including Infrabel's own LGBTQI+ network for and by colleagues.
  4. Your group of friends may have Infrabel hiding in train sight: 
    Infrabel consists of 10,000 colleagues working together all over Belgium to provide sustainable mobility.
  5. Your safe ride may have Infrabel hiding in train sight: 
    all innovative systems and technologies that ensure the safety of all rail users.



From cheerful Instagram

Stories to a warm call to action

The above messages and themes were developed on various communication channels, from digital screens at several Belgian train stations to fun Instagram Stories. The main goal was to raise awareness online and offline in both plain Dutch and French with the added bonus of a warm invitation to come and work for Infrabel (with no less than 700 job vacancies to choose from).


We launched the various Infrabel messages in an integrated campaign consisting of:

  • Digital out of home (DOOH): typical, recognisable, yet unique photographic images to support pure awareness
  • Videos for Instagram Stories and TikTok: with a little more info on the tagline ‘Infrabel, hiding in train sight’
  • Separate banners: for the feed
  • Videos for social media with two different CTAs
    > Find out more about Infrabel's rail network 
    > Find out more about our 700 open job positions

“Duke & Grace has successfully presented Infrabel in a fresh, playful and colourful way. It was particularly pleasing to see that all our wonderful projects and initiatives are finally getting the attention they deserve!”

Benoit Quitin

Brand Strategy Expert at Infrabel

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