Infino scores UX points with Kentico and Angular technologies

How to stand out in a highly competitive market? That’s the challenge Infino faced when (future) parents could suddenly choose their own child benefit fund. They decided to distinguish themselves through their digital services, and consulted Duke & Grace to make that happen. We developed a user-friendly website that has already been recognized by a Kentico Xperience's annual Site of The Year Award, and a self-service customer portal. Both built with UX and scalability in mind.


When in 2019 the law prescribed that parents could choose their own child benefit fund, Infino was at a loss: not only did they have to shift their approach from B2B to B2C, but they also had to start generating their own leads as their previously closed market was suddenly opened up. But how do you make yourself attractive in a market in which all payout actors offer exactly the same?

A highly customized B2C website in Kentico Xperience

To ensure parents can find the exact information they are looking for at all times, Infino needed a brand-new B2C website. We started from the parents' perspective: what information do new joinings on the one hand and transfers on the other hand need? By doing so, we focused on two crucial UX flows rather than different wireframes, ensuring maximum conversion.

“The challenge for Infino was quite complex: we are active in three different regions with different regulations. So, not only the language, but also the content has to be different - all depending on the visitor’s location. Moreover, we had to find the right balance between a website that is informative, yet focused enough on conversion. Defining the UX strategy was the starting point to address this query.”

Nathalie Onghena

Marketing & Communication Manager at Infino

We soon understood that what we were building now, was only the starting point for Infino to become the most digital progressive child benefit fund. With this in mind, we made the choice to build the website in Kentico Xperience, a system that is very scalable. What’s more? As Infino really wants to offer personalized content, we had to look for a system that allows complex logic but is also easily manageable by the webmaster himself. And that is something that Kentico does particularly well.


Let’s illustrate on the home page: depending on the visitor’s location (Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia), not only the language, but also the content changes accordingly (as each region has its own set of rules) - all with the same URL. The latter is quite unique for a B2C website, actually. Each page has six (!) versions: the content for Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia are all available in both Dutch and French. Now, the marketeers among us might wonder: "So, how does Google read your website if you have three region variants on one and the same URL?" Well, we also made a fourth one with the basic content for Google to crawl.


But there is one more reason why we put forward the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) instead of a simple CMS: Kentico Xperience also offers the possibility to set up marketing automation workflows, making it easy for Infino’s marketing team to manage the whole flow, from A to Z. Based on the due date and website behaviour, marketing automation workflows were set up to guide future parents through the pregnancy both informatively and administratively.

So, we made use of Kentico’s out of the box possibilities without compromising on flexibility to meet Infino’s needs. And that didn’t go unnoticed. The website already won a prize in the Healthcare category at Kentico Xperience's annual Site of The Year awards.

Creating UX possibilities with Angular

To make the website as relevant as possible for future joinings, an interactive multi-step form was added to calculate and request the allowances. For current customers, we built a closed portal that allows parents to manage their information and check when to expect their next pay-out.

In these dynamic and interactive parts of the website in which we capture a lot of data, UX is extremely important, ensuring parents to complete the flows and maximizing conversion. Therefore we integrated Angular, a front-end framework for building single page applications that has a lot of out of the box possibilities, which makes it also very scalable.


Angular drastically improves the user experience by loading only one single page. Once loaded, that page automatically updates its content based on the user’s interaction. It's perfect for visualizing complex dynamic content, which doesn't need to be modified by the webmaster on a regular basis and has no SEO purpose. Think of a calculator. It gives you an in-app feeling within your web browser. So, how does it know which content it should show? It gets nourished by Kentico Xperience that acts as a content management system. With these two technologies, we built a scalable foundation for future expansions of the website or the portal. In other words, Infino can think big. The sky's the limit.

As you can see in the visual on your right, there is also a connection with Itsme, so customers can easily authenticate. We integrated this app for maximum security and comfort.

Digitally different

Through the combination of a public B2C website and a closed web portal for customers, everyone can now find the information they are looking for in no time. Thanks to best-class technology, Infino can now grow together with our children.

Curious to see what Kentico and/or Angular can do for your business? Let’s say our development team is eager to elaborate on that!