Shining the light on Fluvius’ new fibre network


Fluvius' big plan is to offer fibre-to-the-home in five different Flemish locations in the city and the countryside. It has very ambitious targets, such as the number of connections they want to achieve. What’s the best way to set up such an ambitious go-to-market project?



The complex story around fibre-to-the-home requires the right communication approach. For us, this was the perfect opportunity to fully implement our 4S model: a 360° approach that develops a strategy (understanding the context, target group(s) and customer journey), a story (defining the identity, message and tone of voice), a system (shaping user experiences, UX) and scale (generating traffic, leads and content).


Understanding context, adressing audience, creating customer journeys


Shaping expression, defining identity, establishing communication


Designing user experience, isolating key message, building technical engine


Generating traffic, converting leads, optimizing content


“A fully integrated team went through four major steps: a thorough (market) analysis, narrative design, the development of a complete platform and a tailor-made communication plan.”

David Vansteenbrugge

Managing Director at Duke & Grace


Finding the piercing insights

First of all, we developed a detailed strategy for the fibre-to-the-home project. We did this based on a target group survey via focus groups and customer journey workshops. We established the motivators, obstacles and the type of message that would have the greatest impact. Our starting point was the qualitative and quantitative research of market research agency GfK. We also carried out further market analysis and research into the target group’s online behaviour. This immediately provided a number of new, fascinating insights.

Main conclusion: the technology itself is still quite unclear to Belgians. Fluvius has thus an opportunity to fill this gap and position itself as a credible, independent and reliable fibre broadband expert. A player that allows various providers to offer their services thanks to the open network. We helped to better market this value proposition.

Central knowledge

Only 25% of the target group are quality seekers who know exactly what fibre broadband is. Hence the idea of creating a central knowledge and registration platform: This multifunctional campaign website tells the interested visitors all they need to know about fibre broadband technology. They can also register to join the brand-new Fluvius fibre network in just a few clicks.


Creative campaign

In the next step, we translated the general strategy into a creative campaign and communication plan. This involved preparing a smart mix of online and offline communication for each city/municipality. We prepared posters, direct mail, an extensive social media campaign and even regional public relations events (dance performances with fibre-optic technology!) to add an emotional charge and the necessary stopping power.

We visualised the fibre broadband technology through light paintings, created with a colourful pixel stick. We then linked three messages to the stunning images and distributed them through carefully chosen channels.