Enhancing Gymna’s digital presence

The client

Gymna, a serious step ahead in innovative equipment

Gymna Uniphy is a leading global manufacturer of equipment and accessories for physiotherapists, hospitals and healthcare institutions. These include investment goods in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation sectors, whereby the patient experience takes centre stage. With its range, Gymna aims to make innovative and high-quality products accessible to a broad group of physiotherapists.

The challenge?

A brand new digital marketing approach

About 18 months ago, Gymna asked us to help them with their digital marketing approach. They wanted to gain insights into the target group and market and translate them into a rewarding communications plan. A plan that had to ensure a clear online identity, greater brand awareness, a better brand experience and new leads. Although the initial focus lay primarily on Gymna International, Duke & Grace also started work for Gymna Netherlands at a later stage.

The answer

From thorough preliminary research to a complete YouTube bible

What was the best way to reach the target group(s)? Which touchpoints were available? Important questions to which we wanted a clear answer. We therefore started out with thorough preliminary research in the areas of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and all the associated treatments and equipment. This secure study consisted of keyword research, stakeholder interviews and an extensive customer journey, among others. The different phases in this customer journey already demonstrated the existence of various different needs, which naturally influenced the content creation.

We then translated the results of the research into a clear digital media plan. The objectives? Multifaceted and diverse. Both to create awareness around the Gymna brand in general, and then specifically for treatment tables and therapy equipment. In addition, we also went for a significantly improved brand experience. And it goes without saying that we did not ignore the generation of new leads. As a result, we generated more concrete quotation requests for treatment tables (France and Germany), plus an increase in purchases from the Dutch webshop.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Duke and Grace, we have strengthened our brand awareness and reached a broad range of customers. The enthusiastic team continues to surprise us with their proactive attitude, which always yields new ideas that attest to their solid expertise.”

Margot van de Broeck

Digital Content & Project Manager

Three important pillars

Based on the approved media plan, we started a recurrent process with 3 main pillars:



In addition to thorough SEO audits and the proactive detection of new content opportunities, we also developed a complete ‘YouTube bible’. In this handy reference manual, Gymna can find all the tips and tricks required to fine-tune their YouTube account: from encouraging viewers to subscribe, to end screens and adding descriptions to successful videos.


How do you claim thought leadership? Among other things by means of monthly, relevant and inspiring blog posts and social media posts in the form of recognisable USP carousels. In this way, we managed to tempt numerous physiotherapists to visit the Gymna website and Dutch webshop. It created a whole lot of new leads!

Email marketing

For Gymna Netherlands, we conducted an in-depth email audit. Even better, in fact: here too we provided a detailed manual tailored to their mailing lists. In this way, Gymna was able to make its emails a lot more interesting, clearer and – above all – more commercial. Among other things, the results included a predetermined segmentation, original email inspiration and clear template suggestions.

The collaboration

Sustainable relationship: maintaining an overview, responding and adjusting course

Smooth communication, flexibility and a quick response: these are the ingredients of our collaboration with Gymna. In a bi-weekly meeting, we transparently discuss the monthly results and figures. On Mondays, there is even a short call in which we discuss the planning and steps for the week ahead. This allows us to maintain a good overview, adjust course where necessary and respond quickly to sudden questions or problems.

Last year we also spoke at Gymna's annual international meeting. In a clear presentation, we clarified the approach, characteristics and benefit of Gymna's new digital strategy, plus the role that Duke & Grace played in it. Supplemented with an overview of the latest trends and the follow-up to the digital marketing plan.

The results

Eye-catching figures

By constantly keeping our finger on the pulse, switching course quickly and supporting Gymna with clear advice, we slowly but surely ensured a stronger digital presence. The various content campaigns quickly led to great results:


Content campaign international (1/01/2022 -18/12/2022)

2.515.410 impressions
47.255 clicks on the link

Content campaign  NL  (1/01/2022 -18/12/2022)

1.645.376 impressions
13.711 clicks on the link

Lead generation campaign international (1/01/2022 -18/12/2022)

417 leads (223 FR - 194 DE)

E-commerce campaign NL ( 12/07/2022 -18/12/2022)

113 purchases (accounting for a revenue of 7 times the invested media budget)