Duke & Grace loves to tune into Nostalgie.

The client

Nostalgie, the no.1 feel-good station with beloved classics

Nostalgie broadcasts around the clock, treating listeners to vintage pop and rock music from the 70s to the late 90s, plus contemporary classics. Its prime goal? Becoming the biggest feel-good station in Flanders that fills the airwaves with timeless classics.

The challenge

Turning creative ideas into successful campaigns

Nostalgie aims to increase its market share, attract new listeners and turn existing listeners into even bigger fans. To achieve these goals, Nostalgie recruited a long-term partner to brainstorm its many creative ideas with and transform them into a solid marketing plan. It sought answers to questions like "how can we really make our radio campaigns pop?" and "how can we maximise our reach?"

Our answer

Always-on marketing advice, creative brainstorming and media buying


Marketing advice

Duke & Grace assists Nostalgie with its everyday marketing. We help the station chart its course and proactively consider tracking, dashboarding, SEO and content marketing. We often do so through spontaneous co-creation (without ever losing sight of the available budget).

Creative brainstorming

We actively help Nostalgie interpret their radio campaigns in creative ways. First, we make sure the overarching concept is clear. Then we organise workshops/brainstorming sessions to devise unique ways of digitally bringing the concept to life—usually through content topics or social formats.

Media buying

A media plan allows us to maximise the reach of each campaign. Through social and programmatic advertising, we also get listeners to vote on their favourite classic hits. We do this for initiatives such as:

Radio campaigns (80s Top 880 - Feelgood 1,000 - The Big 5 - Classics Top – etc.).
Nostalgie Beach Festival (we implement a comprehensive online campaign to encourage people to buy tickets for the summer festival).

Our partnership

A harmonious and successful symbiosis

Duke & Grace has a permanent team that works in tandem with Nostalgie's digital team. We draw up a separate plan for each (radio) campaign and frequently get together to discuss approaches and come up with solutions. This means we're always ready to adjust and finetune things. Our partnership is decisively long-term: we don't limit ourselves to the core tasks mentioned, but make sure to consider the bigger picture. Our angle? Contributing as many original, 'fresh' suggestions as possible and tapping into relevant trends or innovations, like digital out-of-home and Waze ads.

“We've always cherished our cooperation with Duke & Grace on our online campaigns. Their team feels like an extension of our own team. Duke & Grace is proactive, flexible and always happy to brainstorm with us. They often challenge us to think outside the box and do better, in fact. And not just in terms of online marketing. We love it!”

Sofie Callewaert

Marketing Manager for Nostalgie and NRJ Belgium at Mediahuis Belgium.

Results like music to your ears

1. Nostalgie Beach Festival, back with a vengeance

How do you let the world know that Nostalgie Beach Festival is back after a lockdown break that felt like forever?

Large-scale media campaign: awareness, commitment and acquisition.
Multiple channels: Meta, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Display Network and bannering.
The result: 12 million impressions, traffic to the festival's website up by 18%, over 20,000 tickets sold.

2. Getting our 80s Top 880 groove on

80s top 880: a list of the ultimate 880 classics from the eighties. The goal of the campaign? Getting Flanders to tune into the station and attend an 80s party in Antwerp.

Usual media mix (Meta, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Display Network and bannering), complemented by Waze and digital out-of-home and with creatives designed by Studio Caro. 
The result: more than 15 million impressions, 46k clicks to the website, 1,600 unique votes, sold-out 80s party (600 attendees).