Duke & Grace at the service of Vorm DC.

The client

Vorm DC, supporting companies in the service voucher sector

Vorm DC (Sectoraal Vormingsfonds Dienstencheques) is a federal organisation providing advice on HR policy, training and subsidies for companies in the service voucher sector. Its other mission? Along with its partners, Vorm DC aims to help create a positive image for the entire sector.


The challenge

Rebuild the 'workability scan'

By using a digital tool (workability scan), companies working with housekeeping staff are able to access questionnaires on the highly topical social issue of ‘workable work’, which they are free to send out to housekeepers, customers and their own staff. Based on the results, companies can take targeted actions towards ensuring workable work for their housekeeping workforce. For Duke & Grace, the task was to rebuild this pre-existing, outdated tool.

The answer

A scalable platform, ready for thousands of submitted surveys. 

By incorporating a well-thought-out UX, new features and reworked questionnaires, we have helped make the hot topic of ‘workable work’ more understandable, tangible and actionable, both for service voucher companies (by means of charts, benchmarking, standard questionnaires, etc.) and housekeeping staff themselves. Thereby accounting for the over 1,000 companies within the sector, comprising an approximate total of 100,000 housekeepers and 800,000 customers.

Benefits for the service voucher companies:

- Users can manage and interpret questionnaires more easily, partly due to the improved comparison between surveys.

- We have incorporated new benchmarking capabilities, which are useful both for individual companies and the sector as a whole.

- The tool also features downloadable PDFs, making it easier for service voucher companies to work with the results in the context of evaluation interviews.

- The modified platform is scalable and ready for thousands of surveys to be submitted.


Benefits for housekeeping staff, customers and own staff:

- Fluent, wide-ranging multilingual tool (currently 9 languages, from Dutch to Portuguese and Romanian)

- Optimised mobile-first experience

The collaboration

A smooth agile proces

We have been working in partnership with Vorm DC for around eight years now. Due to the relatively narrow scope of this project, we made sure not to get ahead of ourselves, instead working according to a different set pattern. In each case, we presented the UX/UI design in Figma, with stories in Jira. After that, development followed.

Throughout the process, Duke & Grace provided regular quality checks (code reviews, functional testing), while also coming up with spontaneous suggestions for certain interface improvements, which Vorm DC certainly appreciated. Vorm DC was able to test and validate each feature in detail, which meant that making quick switches, adjustments and refinements was always a particularly smooth process.

This collaboration was an agile one: we brought it to market quickly to get feedback from real users. For example, we launched a ‘beta test’, where a dozen service voucher companies were given early access to our tool. This enabled us to make final improvements both quickly and efficiently, even before the sector-wide launch. This obviously reinforced the final quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Neat results

Service voucher companies reacted very positively to the rebuilt tool and all its new features. One month after the launch, we achieved the following results:

- A combined 55 organisations have already conduced 74 workability scans.

- 5,226 people have already filled out a form, accounting for some 250,000 informative responses.

- 436 documents (PDFs) have been downloaded. The most downloaded document is the performance review.

- Around 226,204 submissions scores have been calculated and cached, which have now been incorporated into the statistics.