Tuck into a sausage roll while you read this.

The client

Croustico, selling like hotcakes.

Croustico, a subsidiary of the Vandemoortele Group, is an international bake-off specialist. The Ghent-based company supplies around 1,200 shops across Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. In 2017, the organization formerly known as Croustifrance reinvented itself as Croustico. The Belgian bakery concept combines a passion for baking with future-proof shop service, aligning the brand’s identity with its DNA.

The challenge

Ready-to-eat solutions for supermarkets and holiday parks.

The reason behind the collaboration with Duke & Grace is primarily to get retailers and end consumers on board with Croustico’s full-service concept by highlighting the brand’s diverse product range. 

The brief? To develop two different creative campaigns as part of a broader narrative. Croustico wanted to raise its profile in supermarkets and among seasonal customers (in holiday park retailers). In each instance, the brand needed a periodic communication concept, one that could be easily transposed into workable, impactful communication materials. 

The idea was to use activating messages to get visitors to buy its products, whether in supermarkets alongside its competitors or in holiday parks between moments of relaxation. The ready-to-eat specialist also required sales tools for its team of dynamic service coaches, supplemented with in-store activations, brochures/flyers, and even a trade fair booth.

Our solution

We created two campaigns, with striking visuals to get Croustico resonating with people, whether in supermarkets, on the website, or in holiday parks during the summer months. We employed a specific tone of voice and visual style, both online and offline.

Campaign 1: 

“Tussen … door al aan iets hartigs gedacht?”  
“Got sausage rolls on the mind?”

A suggestive activation campaign that is impossible to ignore, just like the smell of freshly baked goods, no matter the time of day. We increased demand for Croustico’s savory snacks in a fun, creative way, with an endless series of clever reminders and fun experiences for both retailers and consumers.

Printed deliverables: folder, hot counter, bread displays, posters, wobblers and stickers
Online deliverables: mail footer, mail banners, social media posts

Campaign 2: 

“De vakantiebakker”
“The Holiday Baker”

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to the perfect holiday experience. Some early birds rise at 6 to go for a run, while others prefer to snooze under the covers a little longer. We decided to develop an offering from the Holiday Baker that would appeal to all types of holidaymakers, linking the Croustico range to the various categories of holidaymakers using different visuals, copy, and activations.

Deliverables: key visual, display totem, cargo bike, promo stickers, flyers, and online banners.

The partnership

Piece of cake!

This partnership required us to be constantly on the ball, putting forward ideas, agreeing on concepts, and presenting assets in a spirit of great collaboration. The Duke & Grace concept teams were given enough free rein, both on and offline, to flex their creative skills, affording them the freedom to come up with enticing ideas. These were always tailored to the target audience in a results-oriented and measurable way. 

Did meetings take place? Absolutely, although we preferred the more casual setting of tissue meetings, during which we would present them with several concepts. Once everyone had agreed on a favorite idea, we would go on and develop the concept further, down to the smallest details, through brochures, flyers, original activations, and a stand-out trade fair booth.