BENOveren: renovating together for an eco-friendly impact

Fluvius (merger between Eandis and Infrax) is the transmission system operator in charge of managing the sidewalk in all 300 Flemish municipalities. All cables and pipes for the supply of gas, electricity, sewage, cable TV, heating as well as the public lighting network fall under their purview. To convince Flemish to meet the climate objectives, we helped Fluvius launch a platform aiming at encouraging property owners to better renovate or “benovate”. Hence the name BENOveren.

The objectives of the BENOveren campaigns are ambitious: the Flemish may be born with a proverbial brick in their stomach but the renovation rate accounts for just 1% of Flemish properties. To meet the climate objectives this rate must triple to 3%. In that sense, Fluvius has a major role to play in changing behaviors and attitude towards renovation. And after all it doesn’t only come down to renovating a house, but also to improving its overall ecological footprint.

Fluvius plays a key role in raising public awareness. Through premiums but also via targeted campaigns they aim to convince the Flemish public to better renovate.

Restoring confidence and reputation

How do you motivate people to renovate when it wasn’t their initial intention? A full-blown strategic analysis with in-depth interviews, playing field analysis, customer journeys and keyword research led to three key insights: the term BENOveren is far from established, there is an ocean of unclear information and those who renovate according to BENOveren quote living comfort as their main motivation.

This means that in order to communicate in a distinctive manner, Fluvius had to:

  1. demonstrate they are the undisputed experts in every phase of the BENOveren journey
  2. capitalize on comfort in the awareness phase
  3. use BENOVeren ambassadors to convince their peers

A new storyline

These strategic recommendations enabled us to change the narrative and put BENOveren in a totally different light. Communication regarding renovations and refurbishment is traditionally rational and dry in nature. In order to make arguments compelling and create a deeper connection, we therefore decided to go for an emotional approach using warm, human stories for the campaign. This basic concept laid the groundwork for the new content platform.

The storyline was changed to ‘BENOveren doe je nooit alleen’ (‘BENOveren is something you never achieve alone’), with a heartwarming visual identity and human stories.

Drupal based plug-in content blog

Fluvius has extensive expertise about the entire BENOvation journey. And because the Flemish clearly need this kind of independent and complete information, it makes the content platform the ideal place to inform and inspire. With reliable tips, advice from Fluvius experts, authentic testimonials from BENOvators and smart calculators that can be used to effectively calculate the energy gain and the profit of your BENOvation, we encourage all visitors to take action.

“There are other calculation modules available online but they’re not user-friendly and far from reliable. That is why we designed these calculators ourselves in close collaboration with the experts and the API of the Flemish Energy Agency (Vlaams EnergieAgentschap, VEA).”

Stijn Lambertijn

Online Marketeer at Duke & Grace

When it comes to the technical side of the platform we used React to design the calculation modules for the insulation of roofs, façades and floors, the replacement of windows, the various heating solutions and the choice of boiler and solar panels. For optimal user-friendliness the front-end framework was developed by Facebook, also making page refreshes no longer necessary.

Well-balanced communication plan

This turned the content platform into the spearhead of the communication plan, with a nice balance between pull and push. From organic and paid search on different search engines to testimonials on own social channels, from email and bumper ads on YouTube to partnerships with Livios and Batibouw 365.

The icing on the cake will be a broad radio and social campaign that will air in the autumn in all Flemish living rooms to convince viewers that BENOveren is something you never achieve alone. Instead, you do it with the help of

“Fluvius fulfils the key task of assisting the Flemish public with the energy transition. This 360° campaign brings us one step closer to realizing the UN’s 2050 climate objectives.”

Angelique Verplancken

Departement Head Marketing and Customer Strategy Fluvius