Turning plant-based into the next big thing

As a long-term communication partner of Alpro, a key player in plant-based food sector, we developed the recognisable and lovable brand universe. Firstly, we rewrote the brand’s positioning from a “free from” (dairy alternative for the lactose intolerant) to “full of” perspective. Focusing on Alpro’s magnificent natural ingredients and their tasty contribution to people’s health and lives.

Charging the brand emotionally over time, we developed a universe inhabited by furry characters that tell the plant-based story of Alpro. Combined with tasty photography and eye-catching designs, we turned a functional brand into a love brand. Staying ahead of trends and consumers changing needs.

Find out more about selected cases below.

Top it!
Taste it!



Set up a European campaign to promote Alpro’s new Mild&Creamy range and communicate the endless possibilities of their new product.


We launched the interactive #mildandcreamy platform, offering online inspiration to accompany offline tastings. We allowed visitors to build their own Alpro #mildandcreamy with a personal combination of toppings and have it delivered to their doorstep. The interactive campaign encourages visitors to discover the Mild&Creamy range in combination with a selection of original toppings.



More than 300,000 unique visitors found their way to the Alpro #mymildandcreamy website, and the inspirational video on YouTube was viewed in full more than 3 million times. More than 10,000 unique #mymildancreamy combinations were made and shared while forming the inspiration for many mouth-watering blogposts. Thus complementing this digital project with tangible offline results.

The offline part of the campaign brought everyone’s unique combination to the breakfast table. More than 18,000 personal toppings were home delivered in more than 3,600 unique packages. The perfect start to launch the Alpro Mild&Creamy breakfast revolution.


The Mild & Creamy campaign was such a success that a second European wave was launched soon after. The "Good morning today. Good morning everyday" campaign focussed on the versatile character of the natural alternative offered by the Mild & Creamy range. We created a unique spot showing a tailor-made and handcrafted wooden spoon construction that triggers a rain of fruits, nuts, seeds and cereals over Alpro’s Mild & Creamy Plain.

Nature’s nuts!


Set up a campaign for the launch and promotion of Alpro’s new Almond Drink with a clear focus on the new ingredient.



We developed a bunch of “nutty” characters, using them as ambassadors for the Alpro Almond drink. In collaboration with YumYum London, we brought them to life and featured them in a stormy adventure. You’ll have to admit: it’s a pretty darn cute ad!



The nutty video was picked up by Flemish news websites and blogs. Many of Alpro’s fans shared, liked and complimented Alpro on the video. With over 10 million views.

A nutty dream

Due to popular demand Ally & Hazel made a comeback in this shorter TV advert. But, was it all a dream?

Alpro the movie


How to effectively increase awareness about Alpro’s exciting world of plant-based ingredients?


We launched a unique piece of branded content for Alpro: an animated trailer unveiling the inspiring origins of Alpro’s plant-based products.

The trailer-like introduction is an online prequel to the current TV campaign: ‘The ingredients of a good start’. Giving fans a peek into a world of plant-based wonders and using the teasing power of trailers to introduce the range of ingredients.


The trailer tells the story of the squirrel, Ally and his cute little friends. At the break of dawn, the nut-crazy squirrel Ally sneaks out and heads over to Alpro’s fantastic factory. On arrival, we enter a world of wonder where Ally and his little friends test and craft delicious ingredients.

The Hollywood-esque piece of animation actually reveals what takes place before the protagonist in the TV commercial: ‘The ingredients of a good start’ wakes up.

To immerse fans even more in the wonderful world of Ally and his friends even more, we launched equally adorable bloopers of the TV commercial on YouTube. Because even with Alpro, our hero still hits a few minor bumps in the road during his morning routine.

We came up with the creative strategy and concept. Our digital designers also created the blueprints for the characters and the world of wonder. For the animation, we cooperated closely with Brussels-based studio Nozon, while the cinematic theme tune was put together by our resident audio wizards, Audiotheque.


Welcome to the world of Alpro


How can we claim a corner of people’s hearts -and breakfast tables? By inspiring them to discover new ways of eating, no matter what their normal breakfast routine is.


We created a multifaceted brand campaign consisting of familiar micro breakfast moments. Through authentic and universal storytelling, centred around Alpro’s delicious plant-based ingredients, we show just how many different and satisfying ways there are to lead a healthy lifestyle. Starting with a healthy breakfast.

Tv commercials & social shorts

We produced a multitude of combinations featuring different micro moments, thereby showcasing the many ways Alpro can fit within different versions of a healthy lifestyle. The result is a wide variety of unique TV commercials and social shorts.

We created a natural, green world made of plant-based ingredients such as coconut, almond, oats and soy. With each plant-based ingredient represented by one of Alpro's lovable and quirky characters.

Audio branding

The new brand campaign also marks the birth of Alpro’s new audio branding. A crisp and light-hearted pop song that tells the story of breaking with routines and getting ready for something new.

The making of

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek at our storyboard puzzle, matching different recognisable and interchangeable breakfast moments.