Senior PHP Developer

We’re looking for an experienced PHP talent to strengthen the tech part of our team. 
Are you ready to tackle some challenging projects? Take a look below, it might just be us you’re looking for! 

What your future may hold 

As a Senior PHP Developer you are not waiting for a standard job description. After all, you know what's on your "to do" list.

Your skills

At Springbok, you can enjoy freedom, trust and responsibility. You are able to schedule your own hours with a lot of flexibility. Are you the one we’re looking for?

  • You have a minimum of 6 years of experience in modern PHP and a minimum of 3 years of experience in Laravel. 
  • State of the art code writing and following best practices.
  • You are already the point of contact for less experienced colleagues and get energy from training and guiding others.
  • Understanding of the NodeJS ecosystem.
  • You are familiar with the headless approach.
  • You have experience working components based (Stencil, Storybook).
  • You have working Knowledge of Linux servers.
  • Experience with Drupal is a plus.

You can work from home or by the Mediterranean sea, but we have a desk for you in Gent, Mechelen, Brussels or Antwerp too. Even your pet is welcome in our Savanna. 

We make good brands grow big and big brands grow good. Duke & Grace, a Springbok agency

Things are about to change on our planet. Radically. With a different way of consuming, working and living, brands can make a difference. For the good. That is why we want to help our brands to achieve a lot more than just profit. And that is where you step in.

Entering the savanna of Springbok comes with a warning.

Springbokkies are a different kind of breed. We call ourselves Connected Experts. On our floor, you’ll bump into people with skills you might have never heard of. As a Senior Full-Stack Developer, you will work in a hybrid team and see service designers, data scientists, experience designers and the team lead. We are all maybe different in talent, however it’s creativity and the love for the planet that drives us.

That is why we would like to convince you to start your journey at Duke & Grace, a Springbok agency.

At Duke & Grace by Springbok, we seamlessly combine strategy, creativity and technology. You will partner up with a team of experts in creating the highest quality work by sharing knowledge and translating the needs of the client into digital solutions. 

We are all maybe different in talent, however it is creativity and the love for humanity and our planet that drives us.


Creative Director

Working at an agency means working with different people. All those experts bring their own knowledge and character. And the end result only gets better. That gives me a boost every time.


Client Service Director

The strategists lay the foundations and then the creatives get to work on them. We are always curious about the concepts they come up with and develop. That is the beauty of multidisciplinary collaboration.


Strategy Director

And how you get to the office is entirely up to you: an E-bike is also an option! If you want to get even more flexible, you can join our Monday fitness bootcamps. Your contract will be permanent and your salary will be as competitive as your drive. Or as Eddie The Eagle during the Olympics in 1988:

Do the final check and find out if our savanna is your ideal biotope too.

Award winning work or business winning work ?  – Both again, you come up with an augmented reality print campaign for a summer festival in the morning and write an engaging script for a product video for a global tyre manufacturer in the afternoon.

Discovering new grounds or working 9-5? – Bring out the Christoffel Columbus in you. Because you’re able to translate the client’s briefing to compelling concepts which push the envelope of the industry our clients are in. 

Teamwork or singular focus? You balance both perfectly, injecting your energy and optimism into your work and life while being a compassionate team player.

Who is Springbok?

Springbok is a rapidly expanding, international branding and tech agency with a groundbreaking approach for ambitious brands. Springbok was founded in 2014 and houses over 300 digital marketing talents in six offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. We all share a common passion for creativity and love for the world we are inhabiting.

Springbok works for appealing brands such as Ethias, Burger King, Renault, Jumbo and so much more.

So, committed to making an impact for national and international clients? Apply for your dream job at Springbok asap.

Feel free to share your resume or relevant files. Allowed filetypes: .pdf, .doc, .docx. Allowed upload size is 5 MB.