Senior Designer

Hi, we're Duke & Grace. Born from the dot com boom and grown to a full service communication agency. We operate at the heart of creativity, strategy and technology, providing impactful solutions for brands and people. We're currently looking for a skilled Senior Designer with an all-around skillset and a focus on digital.


What you have today

  • You are passionated and seasoned designer with at least 5 years of agency life under the belt. You care about the way people and brands interact with the world and how they can be more effective? Our Designers solve problems through iteration, evolution and a vast amount of Adobe magic. You're a wizard, Harry.
  • You have the power to verbalise ideas, stories and designs, both internally and to clients. You can turn these into strong digital concepts while implementing different visual styles. Your track record in brand and interactive designs is immaculate and you have a passion for graphic design, typography & visual trends.
  • You want to build a positive and upbeat working culture, together with a young team. People that work here are smart, driven and genuine. They care a lot about each other and about what they do. Guiding our Junior team members is something you are comfortable with and your leadership skills match the task. We need you to be a Zlatan.
  • You get an infinite amount of bonus points if you can create flawless motion or video content in Adobe After Effects and/or Premiere and a bit extra for being no stranger to UI and UX principles.

What your future may hold

  • Your future's bright. You'll enlighten an all-star team and launch yourself as a visual astronaut unhinged to go where no other designer has gone before.
  • You're fluent in branding, campaign production and content creation - and want to learn all what you do not currently possess. We give you all the tools to further develop your skills through training, courses and just plain responsibility.
  • Your future may also hold, well, talking. Lots of talking. Smooth presentations, coffee talks, pep talks, office gossip at the watercooler - you can do it all. As a senior, you will be spearheading pitches and projects for fascinating clients. You can pitch your own design work, you can get people motivated, you can speak up when you feel something isn't working, you can listen when other people feel like that too.


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