PHP Developer

At Duke & Grace, we seamlessly combine strategy, creativity and technology. And we’re currently looking for a new PHP talent to strengthen the tech part of our team. Are you the PHP developer who is the Mozart to our Symfony? Take a look below, it might just be us you’re looking for.


What your future may hold

  • You'll join our Digital Product Studio, an integrated team of best-in-class developers and UX/UI designers, to work on large client projects, building custom web apps. 

  • You'll be a part of a team effort of back-end devs, front-end devs, website builders and UX/UI designers. Daily learning opportunities within hand's reach. 

  • You'll grow beyond your day-to-day experience. We make sure you get an open opportunity for peer coaching and a personalized education plan.

  • You'll get the chance to participate in our yearly 48h hackathon, organised by Duke & Grace. 

  • Our Digital Product Studio is an integral part of the whole agency, so you’ll also be involved in the bigger picture. To find out what it means exactly, read about our approach. 

  • We provide great working conditions and a tailored package of benefits.

What you have today

  • Good knowledge of PHP (undoubtedly), and knowledge of OOP should come together with it, of course.

  • Experience with PHP frameworks such as Symfony, and you know how to use mySQL to debug and optimize queries.

  • A true interest in technology and a drive for staying on top of the latest developments within your domain.

  • Solution-oriented mind that spots challenges even before they manifest themselves.

  • Strong communication skills, you'll be working closely with our client.

  • If on top of the above, you also have experience with Laravel, Git, GitHub, React, Angular or Node.js, then you have it all.

  • Are you the colleague who takes pride in his job, and who would love to become one of our Dukes and Graces? Apply below!


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