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Online Marketing Consultant

When we say Screaming, do you say Frog? Do your eyes light up when you can dive into Hotjar? And do you want to work for kick-ass clients such as Foodbag and NRJ while being backed up by a team of superenthusiastic marketers? Then there's nothing left to say but: stop searching and start applying!

What your working day may look like

As an Online Marketing Consultant, you are more than delighted to draw up an online strategy for different types of clients. Sinking your teeth into one expertise domain is not your style. No, you’re eager to explore every aspect of online marketing. 

Because you’re an all-round marketer, you’re in your element when talking about everything related to online marketing, but also know when to call in an expert. You actively keep up-to-date by following trends in the online marketing landscape, share these pieces of news with your team on a regular basis, and enjoy training them so they can also improve their skills. 

You will belong to Performance Studio, the home of our digital minds. So, you'll work alongside a great team of passionate digital marketers, where you’ll find a balance between T-shaped marketers and marketers with a certain expertise domain. Through coaching, semimonthly Online Marketing Labs and other expertise labs, we ensure that expertise is guaranteed.

PS: Would you like to discuss the vacancy before actually applying? Feel free to send a direct message to Joeri through LinkedIn. He will be happy to provide more information!

Your skillset

  • This is not your first rodeo. We're looking for someone who has at least 3 years of work experience in digital marketing. In that way, we are sure you came into contact with most aspects of online marketing.
  • You have experience in advertising (Google Ads and Social Ads) as well as data analysis (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager). Furthermore, you have basic knowledge of SEO
  • Multitasking doesn’t frighten you, as you’re working on various online marketing projects for a number of strategic accounts (going from determining their digital strategy to executing it). While doing so, you work in a structured way and you’re responsible for your own planning. 
  • You are inquisitive and don’t go to sleep until you know the answer to a certain problem. Testing, analysing, learning, adapting, and testing again is your mantra. 
  • You have a proactive and customer-oriented work attitude. You know what the customer needs and only satisfied when they are.
  • You’re a helper by nature. You support your colleagues in finding answers to marketing questions, actively help with their problems, and are happy to provide training if necessary. 
  • You feel the drive to stay on top of novelties within your domain and enjoy sharing them with your team through workshops.

      Apart from your skillset, we are also looking for a real cultural fit. Duke & Grace is human-centered, team-oriented and growth-driven. It's simply in our DNA! Each of us has a vibrant personality - each in our own way. We love to learn from each other and are very communicative. 

      On our Careers page, you can find out more about our company culture and application procedure - just to be transparent.

      You can’t tick off all the boxes above, but are sure that we should pick you? Try your luck, send us your résumé and cover letter anyway!

    “At Duke & Grace, we make marketing more tangible, human and personal. To make that happen, we test day and night. Because to measure is to know. That's right, you won't find any cowboys here, they're in the USA ... or other agencies.”

    Korneel Blomme

    Online Marketing Consultant at Duke & Grace

    About us

    You’ll work in a difference agency that symphonizes different expertises to deliver business and brand impact through smooth experiences. We offer solutions in strategy and consulting, branding, user experience, development, campaigns and content, and performance marketing for future-minded brands and businesses, such as Barco, Van Marcke, Foodbag ...

    You’ll grow beyond your day-to-day experience. We provide the opportunity for peer coaching and personalized education plans. Daily learning opportunities will be within reach as well as the opportunity to attend events and conferences of your choice, like The Next Web Conference.

    And last but not least:

    • We provide great working conditions - just scroll through our social media.
    • You get a market-competitive salary, supplemented with interesting fringe benefits (meal vouchers, eco vouchers, a Swapfiets or leased bike, group and hospitalization insurance, a mobile phone with subscription, a Mac with internet allowance, unlimited access to water/coffee/tea/fresh fruit and soup on Wednesdays).
    • You have flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home.
    • You work 39 hours a week. In return, you get six extra days off per year on top of your regular 20 days’ vacation.

    Every year, we organize a Community Day, where we do some meaningful teambuilding and help out a good cause.


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