Freelance Graphic Designer

Hey th-, no time to finish this greeting, because we’re up to our ears in design work. In other words, we need you right now - the sooner, the better! Are you a Freelance Graphic Designer who wants to work with us on a regular basis? Perfect! We’re sure we’ve got that little extra to spice up your professional life. Take up this opportunity and we promise you'll be welcomed as a saviour!

What your assignment will look like

Together with our Motion Designers, Digital Designers, and Graphic Designers, you'll create jaw-dropping campaign designs and convincing pitch presentations. Knowledge sharing is something we feel strongly about. That's why we're looking for an all-rounder who's familiar with a broad range of visual styles that match those of our kick-ass clients.

You will belong to Creative Studio, the home of our creative kids. You'll enlighten an all-star team of designers and launch yourself as a visual astronaut unhinged to go where no other designer has gone before. Furthermore, you'll always be able to call on our Project Managers for detailed briefings and constructive feedback.

Your skillset

  • This is not your first rodeo. You're a versatile freelance graphic designer with experience in building powerful visuals, from initial concepts all the way through to multichannel applications. 
  • Obviously, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator hold no secrets for you. If you're familiar with Figma and Teamleader Orbit, then you are in our good books. 
  • As a creative soul, you can deliver unique visuals and designs for integrated campaigns that express the essence of a wide variety of brands. You have the right fingerspitzengefühl to jazz up our projects.
  • Giving up isn't in your vocabulary. You're someone with a can-do attitude and an open mind. 
  • You feel very strongly about quality. You're a careful worker with an eye for detail and do whatever you can to meet a deadline.
  • Collaboration is more than a buzzword here. You’ll be working closely with a skilled team of experts.
  • You live in 2021. You're familiar with the digital landscape and/or eager to keep on learning.

Apart from your skillset, we are also looking for a real cultural fit. Duke & Grace is human-centered, team-oriented, and growth-driven. It's simply in our DNA! Each of us has a vibrant personality - each in our own way. We love to learn from each other and are very communicative.

On our Careers page, you can find out more about our company culture and application procedure - just to be transparent.

“What I really like about being a Designer at Duke & Grace, is that you need a different skillset every week. It makes sure that you learn and grow at the speed of light. And all of that while being surrounded by a supportive team of designers!”

Nathalie Leye

Graphic Designer at Duke & Grace

About us

Our Ghent-based agency has everything a full-service communication agency has to offer, without the overcrowded, forever late trains and traffic jams. We focus on creating tailor-made marketing and communication solutions for Belgian heroes, such as Samsung BeneluxLidl, Infrabel ...

You’ll grow beyond your day-to-day experience. We provide the opportunity for peer coaching and personalized education plans. Daily learning opportunities will be within reach as well as the opportunity to attend events and conferences of your choice.

Sounds interesting? Well, what are you waiting for? Update your portfolio, take a peek at our previous work, send in your cover letter and come join us!


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