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At Duke & Grace, we seamlessly combine strategy, creativity and technology. To add to that mix we’re currently looking for an experienced online marketing consultant to strengthen one of our client teams. Looking for a job where you can both keep an overview of as well as deepdive in a portfolio? Read on!

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What your future may hold

  • You will join a client team that consists of a group of different profiles that work together to help their clients by working closely with them. Each of your colleagues is an expert in his/her field, with a heart for digital.
  • You will also become part of our team of online marketers. They all have a broad online marketing background that enables them to provide their clients with allround help. At the same time everyone has a specific area of expertise which means there’s always someone there to help you.
  • You’ll grow beyond your day-to-day experience. We’ll make sure you get an open opportunity for peer coaching and personalized education plans. Daily learning opportunities will be within hand’s reach.
  • As part of a client team you will constantly by challenged to see the bigger picture. To find out what it means exactly, read about our approach.
  • We provide great working conditions and a tailored package of benefits.

What you have today

  • Relevant experience in performance marketing (running ad campaigns for big clients, setting up social and e-mail, ...) and other e-marketing domains.

  • True interest in online marketing and the drive to stay on top of novelties within your domain.

  • A passion for both high level communication planning as well as deepdiving into marketing tactics. 

  • A client-focused, data driven attitude that helps you come up with creative answers for all sorts of questions.


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