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Drupal Sitebuilder

At Duke & Grace, we seamlessly combine strategy, creativity and technology. To add to that mix we’re currently looking for a Drupal Sitebuilder to strengthen the tech part of our team. Are you looking for an environment that will help you get to the next level? Read on!


What your future may hold

  • You’ll join our Build Studio, a team of best-in-class developers, to work on versatile projects. We focus on tailor-made solutions for our customers.  Those vary from websites and webshops to custom platforms. It’s like a box of chocolates.

  • A big part of the job is working in team with your back-end colleague and creating Drupal content management systems tailored to the needs and processes of our clients’ business.

  • You’ll grow beyond your day-to-day experience. We’ll make sure you get an open opportunity for peer coaching and personalized education plans. Daily learning opportunities will be within hand’s reach. As well as the opportunity to attend Drupal events like Drupalcon and Drupal Dev days.

  • Build Studio is an integral part of the whole agency, so you’ll also be involved in the bigger picture. To find out what it means exactly, read about our approach.

  • We provide great working conditions and a tailored package of benefits.

What you have today

  • a few years of experience in Drupal Sitebuilding and theming or overall Front-end development.

  • node edit forms skills that help you offer a consistent and user friendly experience for the site editors.

  • so much love for HTML, CSS (Sass/Less/BEM) and JavaScript that you sometimes dream about it. You know how to turn a truly creative design into responsive code.

  • a true interest in technology and a drive for staying on top of novelties within your domain. You are active in the Drupal community or willing to become an active part of it.

  • drive and Meticulousness. Or, simply put, an eye for detail and the will to make it work.


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