Browser support

Browser support at Duke & Grace

Desktop browsers

The following evergreen browsers are automatically updated, so we support the version that is in use at the time of the project’s delivery:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 

Older browsers – such as IE11, IE10, IE9 and Mobile IE9 (Windows Phone 7.5) – will display the website’s content, but some graphical imperfections may occur (for example missing web fonts or animations). However, these browsers are so rare that extra, often costly development is not efficient.

Mobile browsers

We choose only to support the latest mobile versions:

  • iOS 15 → Safari
  • Android 11 → Chrome

Browser problems tend to be limited on mobile platforms.

Email templates

Unfortunately, the email standards are less straightforward. We test newsletter templates in the following email clients:

  • OSX →
  • Windows 10 → outlook 16
  • Android → gmail app
  • iOS → mail app