Why you should rethink your e-commerce marketing strategy.

'Time to Make Sense' Talk on February 16

After the success of our Meetups in 2022 we continue them in 2023, and make them part of a new umbrella called 'Time to Make Sense'. This month we focus on e-commerce and how to define a successful e-commerce marketing strategy.

Google is losing market share, global accounts are leaving Meta and Twitter behind, linear TV watching declines. So where to go as a marketeer, and where to spend your advertising budget? Entering: retail media!



  • What exactly is retail media?
  • Where does the shift in the e-commerce landscape come from?
  • What advertising opportunities are there and how do you go about it? 
  • Use cases and positive results on retail media.

Time and place to be:

Thursday, February 16 - 4pm
D&G offices - Ghent, Foreestelaan 1

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About Time to Make Sense:

This talk is part of the Time to Make Sense series of Springbok, a platform to broadcast our philosophy, inspire, connect, inform and reconnect. Time to Make Sense focuses on making sense in this time when we are becoming increasingly aware of our value to the world. What we do to change it, and how we use the near-infinite knowledge we possess.

Every point in time is unprecedented. But we like to think that now there’s an exciting mix present like never before. We focus on purpose, creativity and data. These three topics are aligned in a way that’s got us - and our clients - fired up for the future.