Why we’ve added AI to our team of copywriters

For the past weeks, everyone has been raving over ChatGPT (a prototype artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI that specializes in dialogue) and its use cases. As technology advances, the role of AI in various industries is becoming increasingly important. And while some people are concerned that AI will replace human workers, we believe that AI and humans can work together in many fields, including copywriting. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Even when that teamwork is between computers and humans.

How can AI and humans collaborate? 

1/ By using AI to help with the research and data analysis aspect

One way AI and humans can work together is by using AI to help with the research and data analysis aspect. You see, AI can process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, which can be a valuable tool for a copywriter. You could use AI to analyze customer feedback and identify common themes and trends, which could help create more effective and engaging content. No more digging through pages and pages of information.

2/ By using AI to generate content ideas and suggestions

Another way is by using AI to generate content ideas and suggestions. Having a bit of a dry spell on ideas? Plug your thoughts into an AI. Need to come up with 10 blog post ideas on travel? Insert your prompts into an AI. The copywriter can use these as a starting point and insert their creativity to turn the ideas into high-quality written content. A win-win, if you ask us.

3/ By using AI to improve the overall quality of written content.

In addition to helping with research and content ideas, AI can also be used to improve the overall quality of written content. There’s Grammarly for grammar, DeepL for translations,... AI systems are capable of learning from their experiences, which means they can potentially improve their writing skills over time. A copywriter could use AI to help them edit and revise their work, providing suggestions for improvements and helping to ensure that the final product is error-free and engaging. Up to the copywriter then to see if they want to follow the suggestions by the AI. It does happen that what is grammatically correct isn’t the best advertising solution. “Nothing is impossible” is probably grammatically more fitting. “Impossible is nothing” is advertising and a classic baseline.

A symbiotic relationship

Overall, have no fear! The relationship between a copywriter and AI can be a symbiotic one, with both parties working together to create high-quality written content. By leveraging the strengths of both human creativity and AI data analysis, the copywriter and AI can create content that is engaging, effective, and accurate.

Spoiler alert: this text has been written using ChatGPT. Grammarly. And a copywriter of course.